Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 17, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • An exciting adventure the whole way through, Vash's violent side is finally revealed.

    It starts out in a dark and stormy place with a buff man (Monev) excercising when a mysterious man (Legato) goes to tell him about his mission. He is to kill Vash the Stampede. Then it goes to Vash talking to a shoe store owner. Suddenly it cuts to the next day and Vash, Meryl and Millie are playing with some kids. Suddenly Legato Bluesummers walks by and Vash freezes. Legato starts communicating with him telepathically and says that Vash will die that day. Then he says he has a present for Vash in a bag. We're not quite sure what is in the bag but seconds later the shoemakers wife comes out and says he died. Vash is arrested and will not be released, no matter how hard Meryl and Millie try. They go to see him and are shocked by Vash's eyes, though they don't say anything. Suddenly Monev the Gale breaks into the jail and attacks Vash. He is almost killed but Millie steps in at the last second and saves him. He starts running through the town trying to save people but Monev uses his gun to destroy half the town, killing many. Vash is so angered by this he actually starts shooting to kill, revealing a new angry side we have not seen thus far. He eventually goes into the bank and sets a mini bomb disabling Monev's big gun, but has run out of bullets. Monev takes a shot at Vash but he finally reveals his gun arm and takes out Monev. While he's on the ground Vash is about to take his life when he has a flashback of Rem. This causes him to cry and the episode ends with him wondering if he's made the right choice not to kill him. This is a wonderful episode and probably the best so far in the series.