Season 1 Episode 11

Escape from Pain

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Wolfwood and Milly's Quest

    This I thought was a really good episode of Trigun, because the most interesting thing about it was the fact that Milly and Wolfwood are the main characters in this episode and Vash is more of a second string player (but don't fret there is a reason for it). What I like about this episode was the duo dynamic between both Wolfwood and Milly, both truely do make a good team together as well as a good couple. Despite their differences both of them fill in that feeling that is very much needed. It's sort of a yin and yang dynamic. Milly obviously the yin who is always sweet, naive, and has enough kindness inside her to be able to get in out of her way to help others. Wolfwood is the yang, seems to be more on the selfish and aggressive side and doesn't really like to do the right thing, but due to that strong sense of honor that resides in him he does the right thing not because he want to do it but more because he feels he should. I really like seeing both of them disagree with one another at times, as well as the playful banter between them (could also be seen as sexual tention). Yet it's great seeing what the two of them will do to save an innocent young couple, it's sort of like they see a part of themselves in that couple they have something that both of them very much need in their lives whether they know it or not, that of course is love. (And of course they get their turn latter in the series)

    I even like that sense of suspense in the episode when we see Vash do something that is rather out of his nature. Helping the bad guys, I'll admit I was thinking, "why Vash, what the hell are you thinking." And at that final moment once he is starts to point that gun at that young couple excaping, I wondered "jeez is he really going to do it" or "why would he violate his code of resistance?" Of course knowing the character Vash, I had a feeling this guy would have an ace up his sleve we weren't seeing.

    So, this epsode you can say was the first shot for the odd yet beautiful Wolfwood and Milly duo.
  • mainly revolves around Wolfwood the Preacher and Millie

    “Escape from Pain” sees our heroes travelling with a caravan that has some dark secrets. The episode mainly revolves around Wolfwood the Preacher and Millie helping a young couple escapes from the caravan. Vash is hardly in this episode, but at the end of the episode we see why he got his name for being brutal. This episode has a major twist to the end as well. Wolfwood leaves for good at the end of this episode. Overall this is a great episode. We see how Wolfwood views the other characters, and how he wishes that he was like that. Vash never says or does anything funny in this episode, which is unusual. 9 out of 10
  • It was an ok episode with not enough happening.

    It didn\'t really affect the story that much and the only good thing about it was the slight confusion you felt about Vash. Millie and Wolfwood, although both needed for the show didn\'t pull it off that well together. What was good about it though was the whole look that Vash had. He pretty much seemed like a bad-ass the whole time and not his normal goofy self. It was nice to see but it\'s good he\'s not like that all the time or it would get old quickly. All in all it was just an ok episode for me.
  • A good episode that mainly involved both of my favorite characters.

    I loved this episode that revolved around Wolfwood and Milly. They were so cute as a couple! I especially loved the part where Milly looked pregnant and Wolfwood was about to smoke a cigarette. She took the cigarette and said, "You know second-hand smoking is bad for the baby, darling." Wolfwood kind of gritted his teeth and said, "I'm sorry, honey..." That's my favorite scene out of the whole episode! I also like the way the episode is sort of like "Romeo and Juliet".
  • Probably the worst episode of trigun(for me.)

    What I didn't like was the lack of action they could have put more of it. This marks the good-bye of Wolfwood and also the relation with Milly the plot was somwhat predictable and Milly was the main character in this episode. Vash was predictable and he swiped money in a very good way. I didn;t like the 2 guys they seemed weak and the key thing was weird and was just to plot things I laugh about the cigarrattes thing it's a good episode but lacks spirit and it's not to the level of the other episodes. Trigun rules!
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