Season 1 Episode 11

Escape from Pain

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Switcheroo
      In one scene, Moore has her right arm around Julius as he has his hands folded by his lap, but the scene cuts immediately to Julius with his left arm around Moore.

    • The writing on Vash's gun reads: 45 LONG COLT AGL ARMS FACTORY

    • Kuroneko Sighting
      Kuroneko plays a larger role than usual in this episode; he's sitting on the lap of Wolfwood's chess opponent at the beginning, and swats his arm when Wolfwood tries to cheat.

  • Quotes

    • (Wolfwood and Milly are walking. Milly is holding a bag of groceries and Wolfwood thanks Milly for bailing him out.)
      Milly: I guess I'm good at chess. My big brother used to make me play chess with him all the time.
      Wolfwood: A big brother huh? Gee, that must be nice. Any other siblings?
      Milly: (holds out both her arms, dropping all her groceries) No, but there's ten brothers and sisters.
      (Wolfwood looks down at the mess.)
      Wolfwood: Uh huh. You're the youngest one aren't you?
      Milly: Yeah. Well, how did you know that?
      Wolfwood: Sometimes the answers just crash down from heaven.

    • (Milly and Wolfwood walk through town locking arms. Milly appears to be noticeably pregnant.)
      Woman: Young lady, you're enormous. Are you expecting sextuplets?
      (Milly turns and giggles nervously.)
      Milly: Isn't it lovely out today, honey?
      (Wolfwood groans.)
      Wolfwood: Excruciatingly pleasant, honey.
      Moore: (under Milly's coat) I'm really sorry about all this.
      Wolfwood: It's all right. Just stay out of sight.
      (Some townsfolk converse about not finding the girl.)
      Wolfwood: (thinking) How did this happen? (picks up a cigarette with his mouth) No matter what I do I always seem to get in trouble with his girl! (Milly grabs the cigarette from Wolfwood's mouth.) Hey!
      Milly: Secondhand smoke is bad for the baby, darling.
      Wolfwood: Haha, oh yeah, gee, sorry about that, HONEY.

    • Wolfwood: I'll be darned. All along I thought there had to be a sacrifice, but there was another answer after all, Vash the Stampede.

  • Notes

    • English Cast
      Johnny Yong Bosch, Skip Hopper, Marlow Mann, Paul Stephen, Shannon White, Katie Ashley, Mike D'Gard, Devon Michaels, Lia Sargent, Bo Williams, Sparky Thornton, Chet Weens, Jeff Nimoy, James Bates, Otis McFife, John Strong, Dorothy Melendrez, Frank Buck, Richard Plantagenet, Babe.

    • Original Japanese airdate: June 17, 1998.

  • Allusions

    • Romeo and Juliet
      The names for the runaway couple are Moore, which is an anagram for Romeo, and Julius, which is masculine variant of Juliet. Also their family, particularly father and son, are at odds with each other.

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