Season 1 Episode 5

Hard Puncher

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Some bounty hunters attack another bar in an attempt to hunt down Vash the Stampede. Vash appears to be covered in blood, but not really, as he easily disarms the hunters. The townspeople are grateful but then they immediately turn on him for the much needed reward money. Vash tries to escape and he runs all over town, eventually seeking refuge in a saloon. Meanwhile, the sheriff had hired the Nebraska Brothers, one of whom has a fist capable of leveling an entire building. Meryl realizes Vash could be a hero after all as Vash sticks out his neck to try to save the villagers.moreless

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  • Not Amazing, but still Great

    Hard puncher is the 5th TRIGUN episode. Its not an amazing episode but there are some great moments in it. The opening slow motion sequence is a brilliant way to start the episode. The story- Vash the stampede VS a entire city. The town folk are all poor due to a disaster to do with a factory and now they need the reward money for Vash. They hire some lunatics, a giant and his mother (who looks like the old guy from the Tekken games and sounds like Cartman from South Park). The story drags a bit, but then another slow motion sequence, which is very bullet time like; give you a satisfied feeling at the end of the episode. The insurance girls finally believe that Vash is Vash, and Vash actually doesn’t mess up that bad. Not amazing, but worth the watch, with some brilliant matrix- esc moves.moreless
  • A great episode. Funny, action packed, and it moved the plot forward. What more could you ask for?

    Vash is in town and is confronted by bounty hunters. He appears to die within the first 30 seconds of the episode but he somehow dodges hundreds of bullets and defeats the bounty hunters, only to have the entire town after him. The town's plant broke and and they need the money to fix it which means Vash is on the run. It's a very funny chase and then the town leader calls in the infamous Nebraksa Family. The giant son tries his fist against Vash and almost destroys the town in the process but Vash is too good a shot for him. Using five bullets he saves the townsfolk and brings down the Nebraskas. It was a great episode and it's the first one where Meryl realizes his true identity.moreless
  • Even though Vash is a good guy, millions of guns are aiming at his head.

    In this episode, Vash arrives at a town, and when the townsfolks discover that he is Vash the Stampede, the tide and the world are turned against him. Everyone's after the big prize, or as I would say it, the big head. But even though they are trying to kill him to earn the reward to rebuild their plant, Vash fights a giant robot built by a scientist who was hired to kill Vash. And Vash manages to defeat the giant robot only using six bullets. That weapon he has seems to be very powerfull. And Meryl figures out that Vash is Vash The Stampede.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In both the Japanese and English version Professor says six bullets, when the scenes and number of shots indicate five were shot at the time. Of course after Vash uses the sixth bullet, then his statement becomes correct.

    • Kuroneko Sightings
      On the lap of an old woman as Vash runs through her house to escape the townsfolk.
      On the windowsill as the silhouette of the Nebraska family appears.
      At the very end of the episode, Kuroneko returns to his nap.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Bounty Hunter: Who the heck are ya, Mister?
      Vash: Oh, I get so embarrassed when I have to introduce myself. (serious pose) But since you asked, I'm like a hunter of peace. One who chases the elusive mayfly of love. (face sparkles) Well, something like that.

    • Vash: I understand your situation better than you know, however, until I find this man your after I have no choice but to keep moving. Now please for the love of God, don't shoot that gun.

    • Old Man: I hate to do this son, but you are mister Vash The Stampede. Please die without a fuss.
      Waitress: I'm sorry about this Mr. Vash sir.
      Vash: Hey, No Biggie.

    • Prof. Nebraska: You caused my son's fists to veer off course with six little bullets?!
      Vash: Not quite, Doc (opens pistol) I still have one left. (spins chamber) Could be my special one.
      (Professor screams as Vash points and shoots.)

    • Bounty Hunter #1: You're acting awfully cautious. It's okay. He's dead!
      Bounty Hunter #2: Heh, I can't help it. It's him lying there.
      Bounty Hunter #1: Hey! Cheer up! You look so depressed. This is a great day for us. With what we just earned, we can have this resteraunt rebuilt if you want!
      Waitress: Do you mean it?
      Bounty Hunter #1: Damn straight, sweetcheeks! Me and my esteemed partners here are multi-billionaires now! (turns and is shocked to see Vash standing with the other bandits)
      Vash: Oh, I'm so relieved! I was very worried about that.
      Bounty Hunter #1: (sniffs Vash) You reek of tomatoes.
      Vash: I know. When I was trying to run away, it got dumped all over me. Hey, would you mind reimbursing me for my dry cleaning?

    • Vash: (wipes face) Why am I crying in French? (realizes he wiped his face on boxers and screams)

    • Vash: This land is made of love and peace! Love and peace! Love and peace!

  • NOTES (6)

    • Additional Cast
      Sandie - Yukari Honma

      Additional Crew:
      Animation Director - Shiro Hisataka

    • Original Japanese airdate: April 29, 1998

    • English Voice Cast
      Johnny Yong Bosch, Thor, Marie Downing, Jimmy Theodore, Shannon White, Michaline Babich, Mary Carver, Lynn Fischer, Aaron Weslee, Lauren Benjamin, J.W. Harper, Dean Moriarty, Penny Sweet, David Thompson, Dave Mallow, Billy Regan, Christopher Joyce, William Frederick, Joe Romersa, Dorothy Melendrez, Sonja S. Fox, Lia Sargent, David Lucas, Marie Danielle, Christy Mathewson, Ian Hawk, Brian Edwards

    • Manga Corollary: Trigun Volume 1, Chapters 1-3
      The opening diner scene, the town folk chasing him around, and the Nebraska Brothers confrontation follow the manga story.

      In the manga, the restaurant thug who inspects Vash and the one who tries to shoot him are the same person. They are two different people in the anime. Also the details surrounding Meryl's first meeting with Vash differ.

    • This is the first time we SEE Vash fire off a shot.

    • We learn Vash is searching for a certain man.