Season 1 Episode 14

Little Arcadia

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 22, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • sequel to “Hard Puncher"

    “Little Arcadia” could be called a sequel to “Hard Puncher” as it contains the rest of The Nebraska Family. The story revolves around Mille and Meryl, who have been hired as body guards to protect a small family’s ranch. The ranch is one pf the only places left on the planet with trees. Some punks show up with the female section of the Nebraska Family and it’s up to Millie and Meryl to stop them. The story has a few twist and turns but overall it’s an ok episode. Vash doesn’t appear much in this episode for some reason, and we find out the Millie has a big family. 8 out of 10
  • A Meryl and Millie based episode with important insights into both their characters.

    In this nearly Vashless episode you learn a lot about our two insurance girl heros. The episode starts off in the city of Promontory with Millie writing letters to her whole family. She and Meryl end up having a talk, revealing that Meryl doesn't stay in contact with her family, when they are interrupted by gunfire. Outside a man is shooting near an old couple who refuse to give up a deed. The insurance girls take out the man for the old folks and are taken to their little slice of paradise amid the arid desert. Later that night, while the girls are standing guard the man comes back and we learn that his name is Badwick and that he is the son of the old couple. He is working for a man named Morgan and is trying to reason with his parents when the Nebraskas show up. The Nebraskas start wreaking havoc and it comes down to a standoff between Morgan's group and the insurance girls. In the end Vash saves the day with a well timed bullet, allowing to let Badwick get away with the deed. The mother Nebraska is so devastated about her son getting hit she falls and crushes Morgan and his bounty hunters. A well written episode overall but I really didn't like how little Vash was in it. This is two episodes in a row that don't really have him as a major character and I think it's getting a little old.
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