Season 1 Episode 6

Lost July

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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A steamer ship arrives at the town that Vash saved, with a lady so beautiful that Vash acts like a lap dog around her, much to Meryl's chagrin. Her name is Elizabeth, and she is in charge of repairing the Plant. She easily gets Vash to serve as a bodyguard, but Elizabeth isn't just an innocent cutie.moreless

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  • Great Episode

    Lost July is one of the best Trigun episdoes i have seen. Its the second episode where vash is in the city of Inepril (The first time they tried to kill him and he saved em from the two borthers with the big robo hand.) We see vash give the reward money to the city to help they rebuild some factory. Then some sand crawler thingy(it looks like the star wars one) comes along and some hot chick gets off. He falls for her and then a big plot goes on that i wont spoil. This episode is a classic with lots of charatcer development, and we see vash's weird powers. If you ask me this episode had been copied in the "Ninja Scroll" episode "Shelter From the Rain". This episode is filled with emotional content (Yes, thats a Bruce Lee Quote) and is great. Watch itmoreless
  • Vash meets a beautiful lady leading to a narrowly avoided catastrophy.

    Vash has just given 100,000$$ to the city of Inepril by catching the Nebraska family. The dying town is eternally grateful because now they can afford to hire someone to fix their plant. A sand steamer comes along, signifying a boom in business for the town, and on it are the engineers they can finally afford to pay. The lead engineer is a beautiful woman that Vash is taken with. She asks him to be her bodyguard because people are jealous of her knowledge. After an assassination attempt in her hotel the plant starts to malfunction. She suggests they go fix it manually and inside the assassin confronts Vash again. He easily defeats the assassin but then learns that she is the one who sent the assassin in the first place. Vash learns that the woman is from the third city of July, the city which he supposedly destroyed. Vash, using his special powers, stops the plant from overloading and outside confronts her. She realizes that Vash is the one who did it, yet feels badly for the way she treated him and cries in his arm. This episode was well written and was very revealing about Vash's gentle nature.moreless
Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall


Guest Star

Yuri Amano

Yuri Amano


Guest Star

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Toshiyuki Morikawa


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Bill Timoney

Bill Timoney


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Milly reveals Meryl's age as being in the 20's. In the Trigun Maximum manga Meryl is confirmed to be 21.

    • Kuroneko Sightings
      On the rooftop admidst the spectators when the sand steamer arrives.
      Meryl and Milly pursue Vash. Milly lifts a garbage can lid and Kuroneko pops out of the can.

    • The Nebraska poster reads:
      Dead or Alive

      Professor Nebraska
      Height 6'3"
      Weight 62 pgs
      Age 69
      Looks like a scholar

      Nabraska Gofsef
      Height 34'16"
      Weight 9995 pgs
      Age 19

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (A woman approaches, but we only see her shadow. She stops.)
      Woman: Vash the Stampede. Age unknown, Origin unknown, No permanent address. Wanted for the murder of Count Lebnant Vasques, and under suspicion of Class-G weapon damage. They will pay 60 billion double dollars for you dead or alive.
      (The woman appears and Vash gasps at her beauty.)
      Woman: I know everything about you, Mr. Vash the Stampede.
      Vash: That makes it so much easier. Let's get married right now. What do ya say?

    • (Vash's room explodes from a grenade, sending his bed with Vash to the ground outside.)
      Elizabeth: I'm glad I took the time to switch our room numbers at the hotel registry.
      Vash: That's no fair.
      Elizabeth: Aren't you protecting me?
      Vash: I'd at least like to hear an explanation.
      Elizabeth: Tomorrow will do.
      Vash: I lost my room, so can I share yours?
      Elizabeth: But you have a bed right out there. (closes shutters)
      Vash: (tearing up) That's so cold.

    • Meryl: Where the hell have you been? What have you..huh?
      (Meryl notices Vash is with a woman.)
      Meryl: Whom may I ask is that?
      Vash: A total babe!
      Meryl: That is not what I mean.

  • NOTES (3)

    • English Cast
      Johnny Yong Bosch, Reba West, Mona Marshall, Chik P. Garbonzo, Brian Edward, Ian Hawk, Christy Mathewson, Marie Danielle, David Lucas, Lia Sargent, Sonja S. Fox, Dorothy Melendrez, Bo Williams, Christopher Joyce, Dave Mallow, Billy Regan, Penny Sweet, Dean Moriarty, J.W. Harper, Lauren Benjamin, Aaron Weslee, Lynn Fischer, Mary Carver, Michaline Babich, Shannon White, Marie Downing, Thor

    • Original Japanese airdate: May 6, 1998

    • Manga Corollary: Trigun Volume 1, Chapter 4.
      The beginning part where the guys talk about the Nebraska family, and the arrival of the sand steamer are in chapter 4. Elizabeth is not in the manga. Vash does interact a little with a different Plant in Chapter 9. But that's about it. This episode is anime only.