Season 1 Episode 6

Lost July

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great Episode

    Lost July is one of the best Trigun episdoes i have seen. Its the second episode where vash is in the city of Inepril (The first time they tried to kill him and he saved em from the two borthers with the big robo hand.) We see vash give the reward money to the city to help they rebuild some factory. Then some sand crawler thingy(it looks like the star wars one) comes along and some hot chick gets off. He falls for her and then a big plot goes on that i wont spoil. This episode is a classic with lots of charatcer development, and we see vash's weird powers. If you ask me this episode had been copied in the "Ninja Scroll" episode "Shelter From the Rain". This episode is filled with emotional content (Yes, thats a Bruce Lee Quote) and is great. Watch it
  • Vash meets a beautiful lady leading to a narrowly avoided catastrophy.

    Vash has just given 100,000$$ to the city of Inepril by catching the Nebraska family. The dying town is eternally grateful because now they can afford to hire someone to fix their plant. A sand steamer comes along, signifying a boom in business for the town, and on it are the engineers they can finally afford to pay. The lead engineer is a beautiful woman that Vash is taken with. She asks him to be her bodyguard because people are jealous of her knowledge. After an assassination attempt in her hotel the plant starts to malfunction. She suggests they go fix it manually and inside the assassin confronts Vash again. He easily defeats the assassin but then learns that she is the one who sent the assassin in the first place. Vash learns that the woman is from the third city of July, the city which he supposedly destroyed. Vash, using his special powers, stops the plant from overloading and outside confronts her. She realizes that Vash is the one who did it, yet feels badly for the way she treated him and cries in his arm. This episode was well written and was very revealing about Vash's gentle nature.