Season 1 Episode 21

Out of Time

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM May 05, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

More of Leonof's puppets arrive and more people are killed.
2 more gung-ho guns arrive as well and Wolfwood and Vash split up to take them down while Jessica and Brad go to the doctor.
After killing millions of puppets, Wolfwood meets up with a gung-ho gun, Grey the ninelives and tries to kill him.
Vash is still trying to kill the puppets but there are too many. He uses his new arm gun that has a powerful kick. Just as Vash is about to shoot again, Brad arrives with a laser gun to help.
They travel around the ship and the doctor tells them that the other gung-ho gun is 6 floors below them.
Vash decides to make a short-cut by making him fall through the floor by using his gun to cut the floor around himself.
But Brad goes the long way.
Wolfwood and ninelives get blasted down below to somewhere near a powerplant. They battle there and Wolfwood blasts ninelives.
Vash reaches the bottom and sees his friends killed. Then the other gung-ho gun is introduced, Hoopa the Goblet.
Its a show down between them.
Ninelives still doesnt give up, even if he's just a pair of legs and uses a missile from his leg to blast the plant.
Vash is heavily injured and Goblet is shooting at plant 2.
Brad shows up and watches.
Vash uses Leonof's wire attached to his gun to shoot Goblet and send him to get an electricity shock.
Brad tries to get the controls of the plant organised, while Vash tries to calm the plant down. The plant levels go up.
Goblet revives and hits vash and destroys the plant.
The ship goes down.
The people are yelling at Vash till Brad makes them understand. Jessica shows up and isnt miserable about the ship at all. Vash thanks her for the new coat.
Wolfwood yells from the ship and they see Jessica.
The other Jessica is a leonof puppet and kills Brad.
Wolfwood goes to shoot Leonof.
Vash starts crying.