Season 1 Episode 21

Out of Time

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM May 05, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Hoppered the Gauntlet introduces himself as the third Gung-Ho Gun member. In the manga he is number 6.
      Grey the Ninelives is also a Gung-Ho Gun but his number is unknown.

  • Quotes

    • Legato: Let me teach him that to stay alive is true suffering. For all eternity he will pay for the grievious sin of injuring you. He will suffer unceasing despair, anguish, wounds which can never be healed. A wounderful show is about to begin, and you will perform as the star attraction Vash the Stampede!

  • Notes

    • Manga Corollary: Trigun Maximum end of Volume 2, and all of Volume 3.

      Grey the Ninelives makes an appearance toward the end of Volume 2, Chapter 7.

      Trigun Maximum Volume 3 focuses on Vash's one-on-one battle with Leonof, and Wolfwood battles one-on-one with Grey the Ninelives. Brad follows along on Leonof's trail.

      Hoppered the Gauntlet does not participate in these manga chapters.

    • English Cast
      Johnny Yong Bosch, Thor, Lee Kelso, Bo Williams, Cody Mackenzie, Arney Hanks, Pilar, Anne Sherman, Kit McCall, Alexis Doogan, Buck McCarth, Meghan Mackenzie, Liam Mackenzie, Michael McConnohie, Alexis A. Edwards, Jeff Nimoy, Julie Maddalena, Dorothy Malendrez, Dave Footman, Richard Hayworth, Richard Barnes, Alfred Thor, David L. Smith, Sparky Thornton, Johnathan Charles

    • Original Japanese airdate: August 26, 1998.

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