Season 1 Episode 3

Peace Maker

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 02, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Vash visits a town, looking for Frank Marlin, a gunsmith who could help him tune up his pistol, but he ends up meeting a middle-aged man and shares drinks with him throughout the day. The town has no sheriff since Frank Marlin had provided everyone with guns to defend themselves, but that was a while ago, and there is no need since nothing happens around town. That is, until some outlaws decide to stage a robbery there under the name of Vash The Stampede.moreless

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  • Peace maker, great one!

    Peace maker, the 3rd TRIGUN episode, and a classic. Vash the stampede goes looking for a guy to fix his on the way he makes friends with a drunk and gets drunk too. He then finds out that the drunk is the guy who he is looking for to fix his gun. Vash uncovers the dark past of the gunmaker, and the reason why he is now drunk. Some bandits decide to rob the bank, and so vash goes to save the day. the drunk watches and then decides to turn his life around. A great episode witch could be said to have a moral to it. Again we are taken on a journey, with comedy and emotion as well as the good old action. CLASSICmoreless
  • Vash is forced to befriend a Drunk, in hopes to turn his life around.

    Vash befriends Frank Marlin, and old town hero. He gave guns to all the people of the town to save them from bandits. Frank is now a miserable drunk, and Vash intends to turn his life around. When an imposter comes to the town claiming he is Vash, the whole town is in an up roar. Vash takes on the imposter and his gang unarmed. Soon the whole town joins in to overcome them.

    Quite a remarkable episode. With a very good quote to remember it by.

    "Why do you care about other people's money, what good does it do you?"

    "Nothing at all, Except the situation is no long equal"moreless
R. Martin Klein

R. Martin Klein

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Steve Kramer


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Issei Futamata

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Kuroneko Sightings
      On the windowsill when Meryl talks with the Mayor.
      On the rooftop before Vash and Frank get tossed out of the bar.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Vash: Night patrol?! Wow, that's really great! Aren't these girls wonderful?

    • Vash(drunk): G-Gimmie-Gimmie back my gun, grandma.
      (Vash gets hit in the face by his gun)
      Frank: Huh? What happened, brother?
      Vash: I don't know, my head just started to hurt.
      Frank: Oh, that's not good. I have an idea. Let's go to my place and drink it better.

    • Vash: You see that little girl over there? Well, her mother promised to buy her something with the money that she did have in the bank.
      Marlin: You know them?
      Vash: Nah, I just made it up.

    • Vash: Countermeasure #1. Take the place of a hostage.
      Frank: Won't work.
      Vash: Countermeasure #2 then. Send everybody into a mad panic by shouting "earthquake!!".
      Frank: Even worse.
      Vash: Well, then, what do you suggest?
      Frank: I'd have to go with number 3. You know, hide away in a place where it's safe, let them take the money, and shut up!

    • Frank: I ain't got no cash. How 'bout buyin' me a drink? I'll take anything with alcohol in it.

    • (Vash is throwing up after drinking)
      Frank Marlin: You drink too much.
      Vash: I'm sorry!
      Frank Marlin: Eww, disgusting.

    • Frank Marlin: Why you worryin' about other people's money? What good's it gonna do you?
      Vash: Nothing at all, except, that the situation is not equal.

    • Meryl: It's not like Vash the Stampede is just gonna show up.
      (Vash walks by)
      Milly: Hey, Mr. Vash!

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    20/20: In an Instant Murder in the Maternity Ward