Season 1 Episode 17

Rem Saverem

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 28, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Some years ago, Vash and his brother Knives were traveling companions, but instead of the planet with all the months for cities, they were in outer space. The history between Vash, Knives, and this mysterious woman named Rem Severem unfolds, revealing some of the brothers' current motivations.moreless

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  • brilliant episode, and a personal favourite


    “Rem Saverem” is a brilliant episode of Trigun. It takes us back to when Vash was a child, onboard a space craft. Here we meet Rem, the woman the Vash is always thinking of. We see how he and his brother, Knives are different from the rest of the crew, and we also see how different they are from each other. Knives goes round causing trouble and eventually we see Vash and Rem separated. This is a brilliant episode, and a personal favourite. We see how the Vash became the being that he is today, even down to his hairstyle. 10 out of 10

  • This episode answered some of the questions I had

    I just started watching this show a little over a month and a half yeah, I'm gonna have some questions!

    one of them was "who is Knives"! I'd seen his name but did not know how he was related to the I do! That was so sweet when Vash said he'd take care of his brother...what a brotherly thing to do.

    and it's also sweet that he thinks of Rem everyday....of course she's his mom, so it makes sense that he would think of her.

    This next comment isn't exactly aimed toward this episode...but Vash has an interesting way of fighting. I never thought anyone could get very far with love and peace (and some assistance from a gun)...what can I say? A cartoon proved me wrong!moreless
Joshua Seth

Joshua Seth

Millions Knives (young)

Guest Star

Bryce Papenbrook

Bryce Papenbrook

Vash the Stampede (young)

Guest Star

Masamichi Ohta

Masamichi Ohta

Millions Knives (young)

Guest Star

Bridget Hoffman

Bridget Hoffman

Rem Saverem

Recurring Role

Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa

Rem Saverem

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Rem reveals that the guy she loved is someone named Alex.

    • Kuroneko Sighting
      A tough one to spot in this episode, Kuroneko is inside one of the cryogenic freezing chambers for deep space transport.

    • Plants
      The Plants are a humanoid species that travel with humans in this space colonization effort. Some have their own pods, while others travel mixed with humans as evidenced by the discussion of maintenance on the three Plant stasis pods. Also Vash and Knives are considered not human by one of the crew members, it is also not confirmed yet whether they are Plants or a third humanoid species.

    • Not a galaxy far, far away
      The episode establishes a connection between the current desert world and Earth, which was environmentally ruined.

    • The people on the ship with Vash and Knives
      Rem: girl in white shirt
      Mary: girl with glasses and orange vest
      Steve: guy in green shirt that doesn't like Vash and Knives
      Rowan: guy with glasses and light blue uniform
      Joey: captain guy with goatee

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Joey: Why do you suppose they came here anyway? (talking about Vash and Knives)
      Rem: Because they're angels.
      Joey: Angels?
      Rem: Perhaps we should pay more attention to them. Vash and Knives could be angels god sent to point us in the right direction. They may even guide us through our dream.

    • (on why Project Seeds was created)
      Rem: The need to survive.
      Joey: Exactly. The behavior of clinging to life until the verge of death is an intrinsic behavior of all organisms. Survival instincts take over, dismissing shame, in order to live.

    • (Steve finds out that Vash and Knives already adjusted the plants.)
      Steve: What?! Tell me you're kidding, Rowan. I'm fast but that's a two day job for me. What's with them?
      Mary: It's nothing to be surprised about. Their I.Q. is way above ours! Don't take it so personally; be glad they're willing to help.
      Rowan: Maybe they're better suited for brain work than you, Steve. You need to lighten up on those kids a little.
      Steve: Cut the crap!! Do you really want the ship left in the hands of those monsters?
      Others: Huh?
      Steve: Just look at how big they grew in one year; it isn't normal. Those kids are monsters, I tell ya. Monsters!

    • Rem: If there's a God in deep space, He must be laughing at us right now. Our pitiful struggle for immortality must look like an impossible quest to Him. Even though it might look shameful to others, it represents, for all of us, the desperate human will to survive, to carry on our species.

    • Rem: No one has the right to take the life of another.

    • Knives: Their immigration is out of the question. That'd be like spreading pathogenic germs across our healthy universe.

    • (Vash watches a butterfly trapped in its web. A spider approaches. But Knives grabs and crushes the spider with his hand.)
      Knives: That was the easiest way to stop him. You wanted to save the butterfly, right?
      Vash: I didn't want to kill the spider. I wanted to save them both!
      Knives: What are you talking about? Unless the spider caught the butterfly, it would die of starvation anyway. You can't save both; don't you know that?
      Rem: It's not right to make that choice so easily. Both of them are living creatures, Knives. So you should…
      Knives: But I'm not wrong about this, Rem! If you just keep saving butterflies, the spiders will die!
      Rem: Yes, but…
      Knives: Wanting to save both is just a naive contradiction. And what would you rather have us do? Just stand here and think about it? In the meantime while we do that, the spider eats the butterfly…
      (Vash tackles Knives)
      Vash: What's wrong with you, Knives? Don't you understand? I wanted to save both of them, you idiot!

    • Rem: That's a wonderful haircut, Knives.
      Knives: Thank you. As strange as it might sound, I actually feel…refreshed.
      Mary: (giggles nicely) You know, you look very intellectual.
      Rowan: Why you look like a regular little philosopher.
      Vash: What do I look like?
      All: A Momma's Boy.
      Vash: That's mean.

    • (Vash arrives.)
      Vash: Hey, somehow I knew you'd be here.
      (Vash gasps as camera pans up on Knives who has cut his hair.)
      Vash: What happened?
      Knives: Just a small change of heart; that's all. Besides, if we stay the same, there's no individuality.

    • (Rem's final words to Vash.)
      Rem: Vash, take care of Knives!

    • (Steve has his arm around Mary.)
      Knives: You're a disgrace.
      Steve: Huh?
      Knives: (to Steve) Now is that any way for a grown man like to behave in front of innocent children?
      (Steve looks at Knives, growls, and then backs off, bursting hysterically in laughter, leaving the room.)
      Rem: He just has been acting crazy lately.
      Knives: It's because he's afraid.
      (Rem looks puzzled at Knives, who sips his drink seriously.)

    • Vash: I didn't want to kill the spider. I wanted to save them both!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Final words or not?
      In the English dub, the first time around, Rem says some additional words after the "take care of Knives" quote. These are not mentioned again afterwards.

    • English Cast
      Gil Starberry, Jeremiah Freedman, Remo, Jeff Stryker, Da'Ud Thompson, Kenneth Dixon, Richard Plantagenet, John Smallberries, Vlades Casimira, Johnny Yong Bosch, Ruby Marlowe, Richard Barnes, Trixi Wood, Robert Wicks

    • Original Japanese airdate: July 29, 1998.

    • Manga Corollary: Trigun Volume 2, Chapters 2 (first half), 3 (first half)
      Although this episode involving the crew does not happen in the manga, the part with the escape pods is described in these chapters. It should also be noted that Vash and Knives look older in the manga flashbacks.

      Starting with this episode, the anime begins to diverge more from the manga storyline. The manga series from here on is known as Trigun Maximum.