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  • want it back

    This show should be on television again and should continue!!!!!
  • Sci-Fi meets Western

    Trigun is an Anime series based on the manga created by Yasuhiro Nightow. It tells the tale of Vash The Stampede, a mysterious gunslinger whose reputation betrays him, for he carries with him a dark secret involving his past & that of his long-time nemesis, Knives Millions.

    He is always followed by 2 cute "insurance agents" Meryl & Milly, as well as a gunslinger in the guise of a clergyman, Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

    I saw this Anime on video & it was entertaining to say the least, since Vash would much rather be a lover than a fighter, unless he runs into Knives, that is.

    Only in Anime can a melding of 2 genres can be pulled off without trailing into camp.
  • This anime rawks!!!

    Trigun, after Cowboy Bebop, is my favourite anime. Like with Cowboy Bebop we have a likeable cast of characters, Vash and Wolfwood especially. Although unlike Cowboy Bebop, which is often serious but has humour, a majority of Trigun is funny but is serious when necessary. However, if I were you I'd watch the Japanese version with subtitles. Personally I don't like Vash's English voice. I just don't think it suits him. So overall Trigun is an incredibly fun anime and is the second greatest I've ever seen. If you are a fan of either Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star then I think that you will definately find something to enjoy about Trigun.
  • One of the very best animes you will ever see and a personal favourite of mine.

    The story follows Vash the Stampede a man who has caused over $60,000,000,000 worth of damages. As such two insurance agents Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson are sent to catch him and bring him to justice. They understandably expect to find a murderous fiend but when they finally catch up to Vash what they find is a clumsy and foolish man. however, when they encounter trouble it turns out Vash is a man with exceptional skill who tries to save everyone and never take a human life regardless of the cost to himself.

    This is an excellent anime with lots of cmedy mixed effortlessly with awesome fights and touching drama. The plot takes lots of twists and turns but without being confusing or complicated. All in all it is one of the very best shows you will ever see.
  • Vash the stampede famous gunfighter, who dosent really want to kill anyone and is willing to sacrifice himself.

    Its a great anime, when i saw the first episode i was not blown away but as i watched on the storyline got better and better, the artwork was good but not the best still its well worth anyones time. Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter who values human life in a time when others do not, the story is in future and in another planet where human race has had to go back western time. In a world where strongest survives he is trying to help everybody no matter whats the cost to hes own life. As the show goes on the real story what happend to humans comes out and all is answered. In anime community this show is highly recommended and is worth watching i did and im not sorry because it was my gateway to anime world that changed my life a lot.
  • trigun in more ways then one has become one of the most popular animes since dbz,pokemon,and sailor moon.It's popularity is still growing even though the show has ended.

    trigun is just awsome!.Despite the fact that the first episode i saw was'nt the first episode in the series still from just that randomly watched episode i could just see that this was just the beging of what looks like a great anime.The main character of the show is named vash but everyone in the anime constanly refers to him as "vash the stampede" and of course thiers a reason for that.(but you'll have to find that out for your self).The story is really about two brother that are not exactly human beings what thier called are plants (no not plant as in you some thing you water when ever you remember to)but plant as in an artificial human that is used as a form of energy,with that in mind it's no surprise that thier both immortal.Oh almost forgot vash is a plant and his brother is named knives of course we should know by now that knives is evil cause come on! he's the main characters brother and just look at his name knives.Aside from the great story which i don't want to reveal just in case you have never seen or heard of the show before.This particular anime has alot of action in it considering that it's a cyber punk anime and thier is alot of gunkatta(gun violence for thoses of you that can't speake japnese like me).Aside from the main character vash there are also a few other minor but preety cool characters as well like john wolfwert whos a preist with a cross like heavy machine gun,and then thiers milly and maril who are insurance agents that always follow vash to cover all the damage that he cause (note: he's also known as the human typhoon).Well that about wraps it up so if you get a chance watch trigun or buy the dvd set either way you won't be dissapointed
  • vash the stampede famous gunfighter tring to do right and repent for his wrong doings

    incredible show would watch it over and over again just the way the characters are drawn is enough to pull you in vash the stampede hase to be one of the greatest main charachters in any anime and the gun he uses is just awsome and with all this you get so much action pure excitment everyone is constantly picking a fight with vash butt always end up getting beat the thing that suck is that adult swim doesnt air the show anymore I think its there best anime and should be played more often I guess there to busy with inuyasha
  • This show is awesome!!!!

    I love this show. In my mind, this is one of the best anime series ever made. This show is about Vash a.k.a. "Vash The Stampede", who is a funny, crazy gunslinger who is being hunted for 60,000,000,000 double dollars. Along his travels, Vash meets Milly, and Meryl, who are insurance agents that want the bounty on Vash. Alot of funny moments take place with these three. The humor in this show is really good. Some of the moments between Milly, Meryl, and Vash are really, really funny. I like the part when Vash gets undressed, and acts like a dog. I thought that part was really funny! The dialog in this show is awesome! The flashbacks Vash have will make you want to watch more, especially when Vash had memories of Rem. It is kinda sad though. My two favorite characters are Vash, and Nicholas. Overall, awesome show, hilarious humor, stunning dialog, lovable characters, solid music.
  • Funny and interesting

    Trigun turned out to be such a great anime series right down from the characters to the story to everything!

    Trigun starts out as many anime series do, a little more comedy and "fake" (trigun's face turns into a catlike face,. Episode 1) but around episode 8 it starts to take on a more serious tone.

    The story is really great it starts out with a man being wanted by pretty much everyone and has 60,000,000,000 double dollars on his head, dead or alive. From there it takes many many twists and turns like how trigun can walk into a town and level it completly but not kill a single person and how you find out who Trigun really is and why hes so mysterious.

    The characters other than Vash the Stampede are done pretty well Wolfwood is well developed and same with the Insurance girls (these are all main characters) although in the English DVD dub thier voices tend to get ennoying.

    The action is GREAT!! but the first 4 episodes dont really treat you to much action, I dont think Vash even pulls his gun out until the 3 or 4th episode. But once you get to 9 Whoa!! it gets sweet. And Vash starts showing a darker side more often and it really is remenicent of Arucard in Hellsing.

    I preferred this series slightly more than Cowboy Bebop only because the story continues where in Bebop there were to many fillers and the story wasnt as linear as it should have been
  • This is the 2nd best anime I have ever witnessed!

    My first favorite anime is full metal alchemist (Next review!)

    This show is.......BREATH-TAKING. If you haven't seen this show I pity you. I watched the series a bunch of times and I LMAO! So funny, So original, so fast paced, so amazing. But I rather hear it in Japanese with English subtitles because Vash's voice in Japanese is so funny to listen too, the english version sucks.

    I don't need to tell you the storyline because will do that for you but I'll tell you that you must go buy the DVD on Ebay or some store and watch the series because you wouldn't be able to control your voice when you laugh. It's also action-packed with glass shards everywhere and blood gushing out of bodies.

    Storylines: Original-10
    Characters: Funny-10
    Animation: Classic-10
  • Funny...

    I first started watching this show when it came on Cartoon Network's Adult swim, now it's won of my all time favorite animes. Vash the stampede is the main character, Vash loves donuts and won't kill anything no matter what. Knives is Vash's twin brother, he believes that the humans are killing the planet and that they must be destroyed. Now Vash must try to stop Knives and his pawns before he succeds in killing every human on the planet. Trigun is a funny and entertaining anime, the first time I saw Trigun I was hooked. This show is an instant classic for me.
  • I'll admit that I initially picked up this series solely on its pedigree and because the guide here was in such horrible shape that something had to be done. But something kept the series interesting since then.

    So what's this all about? There's Vash the Stampede, who has a reputation of destroying towns and has a huge price on his head. Some girls are chartered with following him but discover quite a different person than the one on the poster. Adventures follow.

    Screenplay writer Yosuke Kuroda (Tenchi Muyo and Pretty Sammy) has been good with devising fun "solve a town problem" episodes of the week and creating gems within that environment. The second half of the series then follows a fairly shonen cliché of introducing a pile of bad guys working under a big boss leader who has a link to the main character's past. Somewhat understandable since Trigun Maximum didn't get going yet. In dealing with this kind of storyline, the "made you think" points start coming out more, turning from comedy to drama, and adds depth to the characters.

    The main characters are also one of Trigun's strong points. Vash is perhaps the greatest good-hearted hero guy since Goku sent Kamehameha waves through Dragonball Z. Not only is he thoroughly goofy and funny with his childlike behavior, but quite the skilled superhero. He isn't perfect, but strives to do what is right in the worst of situations, some of which get really grey. Meryl, one of the insurance girls, happens to be voiced by the same VA as Bulma/DBZ, so she gets to be the tsundere (I hope I'm using the term right) character, getting angry and serious over all of Vash's utmost silliness, yet showing compassion and love as she gets to know him. The other insurance girl, Milly, voiced by the same VA as Kagome/Inuyasha, gets to be the cheerful, Mihoshi-like assistant for Meryl. Neither of the girls are major hotties, but because of that, Vash gets to try all his attempts of love on some of the other girls early in the series. Rounding out the quartet is the cool "sure doesn't act like one" priest character Wolfwood, who carries a large cross around like El Mariachi. All of them deliver some great lines throughout each episode from the outrageous declarations of "Love and Peace" to some thoughtful ponderings like "It's full of mercy."

    On the bad guy side, I've found myself drawing relations to Star Wars. Outside of the Bounty Hunter parallels, you've got Legato, who coordinates the stereotype henchies of the week, and is quite fearsome with his Darth Vader like manipulations. He doesn't breathe like Vader, but you do feel sorry for the people in his way. He also answers to an Emperor type, who reveals his character slowly in concentrated flashbacks, at least in comparison to the Rem flashbacks. His presence and intent penetrates the organization thoroughly that I didn't pick up why people were so loyal the first time around.

    Sound and graphics are comparable to the late 1990's series, so no crazy CGI yet. As a bonus, the anime has a black cat that appears in each episode, making for fun "Where's Waldo" kitty spotting. Theme songs are alright. The opener doesn't have lyrics and reminds me of pro wrestling, which was hot back then. The closer is somewhat spaghetti western.

    Voice acting - what can I say? Johnny Yong Bosch makes a great Vash, and anytime the voice acting can sway me away from watching only the Japanese dub, that's a good thing. I also always loved hearing Bridget Hoffman too; she needs to star in a series right away.

    Since Adult Swim no longer airs this series, I'd throw in a warning for the parents considering renting this on DVD. It's uncensored, and does contain language up to the s-word, and a tiny bit of mild nudity usually about Vash himself. Although the cartoony humor and action may attract kids, people do die with the requisite blood spill and bullet holes. They try to clean up as much as they can, but even then, the voice actor will just say "he's dead" and dispel the illusion of "well he just got injured and can't play anymore". Vash drinks and Wolfwood smokes, and of course lots of guns. Hope that isn't a big deal.

    I'd avoid spoilers whenever possible. Last thing you want to do is enjoy a series knowing one of your favorites (good or bad) bit the dust and it's only a matter of when and how. But if that fails, there is always the manga series which follows a different more in-depth storyline.

    Could this be the brother show to Outlaw Star? With the English dub, it certainly seems so, with Lia Sargent having a crew role in both series. I have yet to see the heavily hyped Cowboy Bebop, but the ride is up there with the best of those gun-totin' sci-fi anime shows.
  • When one asks about anime, the classics that come to mind are Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun.

    Trigun is one of the few series I watched in English from start to finish. The dubbing was wonderful, though the story line was a bit lacking. Anime versions of series tend to cut out some of the more important information, and that's what happened in Trigun--but the writers made it work anyhow! This is one of Trigun's more memorable feats in my memory.

    The way the old West and sci-fi were combined in the series is simply amazing, even more so if one takes the time to read the manga (there's something you never even get a hint at in there, and it explains a whole heck of a lot of anime plotholes). I give it a 9.5/10, cause Trigun's just that uber.
  • Great show

    Trigun has a great dub but Vash's voice sometimes sounds weird . But Vash is a great character but I scared of blood. The first episode is funny and keeps you wondering why he has a 60 BILLION $$ bounty head. He meet two girls that work for a Insurence company. This is a great gun show and funny at the same time. Trigun also has a good story line. Merril and her friend voices are also good. So basically good story line and dub action comedy and characters. Also Vash is the perfect character. This show will keep you watching week in and week out.
  • Vash tHe Stampede, the notorious human typhoon, man kinds first declared human disaster. What gave a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on this peace loving sissy of a man? Why is he such a good gunman, yet never kills?

    Earth had become uninhabitable to humans, in an attempt to save mankind, Project SEEDS was developed. Hundreds of ships with the collective of all the genetics present on the planet earth, these ships were intended to "seed" other planets with the human race. On particular ship had 2 peculiar passengers. They were called Vash and Knives. Knives, slowly became egotistical and believed that he was superior to all humans. To eliminate these impurities, Knives decides to crash all the seed ships into a nearby planet. Rem, one of the other passengers, used the last few moments of her life to save as many of those ships as she could, as a result she died. She had always tried to educate Vash and Knives and taught them to respect life among many other things. The only one that took this to heart was Vash. After the ships crashed to the planets surface Vash tried to uphold Rem's beliefs to the best of his ability, but do to Knives, Vash was indirectly involved with many many deaths. Vash now tries to repent for his sins and is chasing after Knives to stop him before he ends the human race. How will he stop Knives without killing him? 2 equally superior beings, only 1 won't kill, the other wants to kill all human beings. against unsermountable odds, how will Vash succeed?
  • Trigun is a sci-fi manga series with a space western theme created by Yasuhiro Nightow in 1995, and adapted into a 26 episode anime series in 1998 by Madhouse.

    Much of the damage attributed to "Vash" is caused by the activities of bounty hunters who are after the $$60,000,000,000 reward on Vash's head for the destruction of a city called July. Vash does not clearly remember the destruction of July, and only wants "love and peace", as he puts it; though he is a gunfighter of inhuman skill, he uses his weapons only to save lives wherever he can.As the series progresses, more is gradually learned about Vash's mysterious history and the history of the human civilization on Gunsmoke, the desert planet the series is set on. The series is often humorous in tone, but at the same time it involves very serious character development and especially in later episodes it becomes quite emotionally intense. Vash is occasionally joined by a priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is almost as good a gunfighter as Vash himself, and later is targeted by a band of assassins known as the Gung-Ho Guns for reasons which are mysterious at first.
  • One of the first anime shows I watched and also one of the best.

    I am not a huge anime watcher and I cannot say that I have watch a lot of shows, but back when I did, I saw a decent number of shows and this was properly the first. It is great. I love Vash The Stampede and his actions around other people - it is both funny and action packed. The storyline is interesting and I was lucky enough to have all the episodes so I didn't have to wait to watch the next episode. I thought about classify it as a show that I would like bring back - but then again, it is just perfect as it is! Many anime shows is dragged over so many episodes that it loose interest very fast and way too many filler episodes. Trigun is just perfect and the ending is awesome and there is nothing more to it. These 26 episodes does it! It is filled with action, fun and great character development.
  • vash is awsome.

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  • When Trigun was a radical show when it first appeared, and it still gives us a good look at an old anime.

    Trigun was first released back in 1998, and it was very popular for its time. Today I look at it with a little less of what people did back then, but it is still a decent show. In the show you follow the 60 billion dollar man Vash as he is wanted by everyone. The action in the show is off the wall, but the music, and animation quality don't appeal to me as much as it would have nine years ago. The show is pretty funny still, and it got some laughs out of me. Even though Trigun is old, it still holds up pretty well. A good show overall.
  • LOVE and PEACE! (^-^)

    Ok so this is my favorite animie of all time. I love DBZ and i love some of the new shows like naruto but there was somethign about trigun that made it my favorite. The story is an excellent story. It is well thought up and intriuging. I started watching this after reading some what if thing in a Wizard with the east vs west...anime vs comics. they had vash going against spider man and preatty much walking away with a victory. anyone who could walk away with a victory over spidy was worthy of checking out and i can say that i loved the story. It was maddening to watch vash spare so many people who probably deserved to die but it was refreshing to see someone stand on there convictions...He was probably one of the deadly men in the world yet he never wanted to harm anyone. and his stature and the way he acted made you wonder if he was seriously the vash the stampeed. A classic for anmie fans and a must watch.
  • This was Great Show

    Well This show was pretty Good I Liked that it was Funny and very different then anyother anime I have ever Seen The storyline was Great But very Sad and Kinda confusing it toke me awhile to Get it LOL but once I started watching it, it really Pulled me in The only i really wanted to see was a little more romance a.k.a Lovey Dovey(eureka seven fan do ya think I Like LOl) but that's just me^^ anyways I think it was a very great endepth story and fun to watch And the best part is there saying LOL Love and Peace!! anyways If your looking for a good anime with a lot of fun this is the anime for you!!
  • holy crap this is an awsome anime

    one of the greatest animes out there, trigun is about 2 kids that were brought on a ship. one of them were in love with a girl his name was vash and spent most there time in the hologram of the kids went insane(cant remember name) and killed everyone on the ship accept the vash and the girl tvash loved. the brother dragged vash into the escape pod (cant really remember) and as they took off the brother set the ship to explode. at the last second the girl set off the people that were in escape pods to land on a planet, so vash and his brother landed on the same planet, and grew up.
  • One of the top ten anime of all time.

    I heard about Trigun from my older brother told me about the show I just thought it was just another crappy anime comedy, boy was I wrong. Trigun was amazing, the first four episodes mislead you thinking it's going to be terrible comedy anime, but the comedy had heart to it, and by the fifth episode you begin to see why. You are watching a very special anime. First the story is one of a kine. The character of Vash The Stampede is one of the greatest anime characters ever. The animation is great and the music was also great. Everyone needs to see this show.
  • vash the stampede, the humanoid typhoon, man's first natural disaster, is on the loose again, but not for money, gor women and booze. Something isnt right about this so called viscious killer. What it you will just have to find out.

    This is an awesome show, it makes you want to root for the main character unlike some shows you just know the main guy wins anyway, but this show makes you think about it. I give trigun a perfect 10 out of 10 for being just a cool show, don't try quick draw with this guy.
  • Classic anime series. Really good show!

    It's about a man known as Vash The Stampede travelling through the desert on an exciting journey. I really like the suspense! Plus it has good animation. It also has to do with sci-fi and mecha. He can be a real doofus. He jokes around a lot. Also acts like he's very scared. But the best part is that he can dodge every opponents shots. People said that he's wanted for murders even though he didn't do anything! The Insurance girls Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe pursue Vash to make sure if he's actually a killer or not. But Vash sure drives Meryl crazy sometimes.
  • this was pretty intresting, all i got to say is funny with a bit of dryness to it.

    i started watching this and never got a chance to finish it. i love anime but my all time fav is sailor moon but i saw this one and thought hmmm it looks good, why not. ive seen the toys for it and theyre pretty cool. i do want to finish watching this to find out some answers to my questions just havent gotten around to it yet. theres just so many anime series out there that i havent been able to watch yet. and theyre like on 3 to 4th seasons already. lol. where am i to find the time?
  • Man I truly love this wacky show it's perfect for someone like me to watch it's about a lil wacky gunman who only gets seriuos for a total of two seconds lol he funny to me

    I really think that if this show got better it they would make movies of it and make millions off them cause people would love to watch this show cause it know I love and u should to check it out watch u'll see. and if u don'e like it I'll let u punch me in the face without ducking ( wait a sec I think that's a lil too far ) put it like this if u truly don't like this show then anime is not for u so go to action or adventure or one of the other things cause I'll be reppin anime all day lol one!!!!!!!
  • A very very good show.

    Such a good show. Its values have a real life quality to them. It tells the story of how one man is trying to atone for thousands of deaths hat he caused. I think that it is very influential because it shows us the value of things. When I look back on this show I see a theme. The main character of the story is always faced with several conflicts. He is the target of many people who will do anything to get their hands on him, even if it maens hurting innocent people. He protects people not to get any reward but to show people that kindness can do many things.
  • Review

    I liked this show when it was on and I wish I could see repeats of the show a little more often. Every now and again the show would get a little too complex to understand what was fully going on...but the on screen connection between Vash the Stampede and Legato Bluesummers was really well done. I liked the ending to the series and I think that the series could come back if they wanted to, though I dont see that happening any time in the near future or ever for that matter. The show was good when it was here.
  • Personal fav, best freind, addictive! Just can't stop watching!

    A friend and I were talking late one night about some anime/manga and anime shows. I remenber seeing one of Trigun's episodes but I didn't remember the name of the show. We started looking online and eventually found it. That night we watched the entire show! Every episode, every season. We became addicted, like Vash and donuts. I still rent the shows from Netflix and I have the manga series. This show is amazing. Very well thought out, excellent characters that are not just there but develope through the story. I love how Vash has bipolar emotions,not happy and angry but serious, calm, collected, and silly, happy, energetic. Recomend this show to any one who doesn't mind staying up late and likes anime.
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