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  • trigun in more ways then one has become one of the most popular animes since dbz,pokemon,and sailor moon.It's popularity is still growing even though the show has ended.

    trigun is just awsome!.Despite the fact that the first episode i saw was'nt the first episode in the series still from just that randomly watched episode i could just see that this was just the beging of what looks like a great anime.The main character of the show is named vash but everyone in the anime constanly refers to him as "vash the stampede" and of course thiers a reason for that.(but you'll have to find that out for your self).The story is really about two brother that are not exactly human beings what thier called are plants (no not plant as in you some thing you water when ever you remember to)but plant as in an artificial human that is used as a form of energy,with that in mind it's no surprise that thier both immortal.Oh almost forgot vash is a plant and his brother is named knives of course we should know by now that knives is evil cause come on! he's the main characters brother and just look at his name knives.Aside from the great story which i don't want to reveal just in case you have never seen or heard of the show before.This particular anime has alot of action in it considering that it's a cyber punk anime and thier is alot of gunkatta(gun violence for thoses of you that can't speake japnese like me).Aside from the main character vash there are also a few other minor but preety cool characters as well like john wolfwert whos a preist with a cross like heavy machine gun,and then thiers milly and maril who are insurance agents that always follow vash to cover all the damage that he cause (note: he's also known as the human typhoon).Well that about wraps it up so if you get a chance watch trigun or buy the dvd set either way you won't be dissapointed