Season 1 Episode 1

The $$60,000,000,000 Man

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Mar 31, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In a bar, two bandits are talking about Vash the Stampede, a legendary outlaw who has a $$60 billion (double dollar) bounty on his head. Suddenly, the bartender rushes out of the bar and the entire establishment comes under heavy fire, getting blown to pieces. We see that Vash was inside and a group of hunters outside had come after him.

After the entire bar collapses and everything shatters into a billion pieces, we see that Vash has still survived. He is calm and takes out his gun to fire back.

We cut to a town that Vash had passed through some time prior. The town is almost completely decimated. The local sheriff warns a bounty hunter to stay away from Vash.

Inside a bar, two innocent-looking young women walk in. They ask the bartender for information on what Vash looks like. They are both concealing really large weapons.

We cut to the area that Vash was sighted at previously. It seems that when Vash pulled his gun on the bounty hunters, he was out of bullets. He ran and buried himself for a while to escape them (Vash has a very humorous and silly personality - he's a dork). Vash is forced to emerge to breathe and takes out a couple of the hunters before finally being caught and tied up. The bounty hunters rejoice until...

The two young women we met earlier on arrive at the scene. They claim to be representatives from the Bernardelli Insurance Company (disaster inspectors). Also arriving on the scene is another bounty hunter, one who calls himself "Ruth Loose."

A lot of misunderstandings follow. Ruth Loose believes the boss of the bounty hunters is Vash and the boss comes to believe that Ruth is Vash. A big fight breaks out and the two young women (with the real Vash) run away. The young women give Vash some donuts and money to go warn a certain town to evacuate in preparation for Vash's arrival (they don't know who they're talking to).

The young women then hone their binoculars on the gang of bounty hunters. They are caught soon after. They see that the leader of the gang and Ruth have joined forces (realizing their mistake). They go to search for Vash, first tying the young women up.

Suddenly, the young women are cut free when Vash enters the scene. Vash takes on all the bounty hunters and, after a long fight, manages to miraculously win (knocking both Ruth and the boss to a near-death state). Vash is then shocked to see an avalanche of rock come forth from a great explosion caused by Ruth. The rock comes down upon the town that the young women were trying to protect.

The last scene of this episode shows one of the young women filling a damage report. She sighs that their search for Vash has restarted