Season 1 Episode 2

Truth of Mistake

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The two young women (Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson) arrive at a new town, completely fatigued and exhausted. They despair that the town has become deserted and that there's no water in sight. Two men pass by and laughingly mention Vash and a rich man named Cliff Schezar, who lives nearby. The two young women run toward the mansion.

After knocking on the door for a bit, the young women are shocked to see Vash answer it. Vash takes some donuts from them (that the women intended for Cliff) and chats amiably with Milly (though Meryl is frustrated and still doesn't believe that Vash is really THE Vash).

Meryl and Milly walk into the mansion and sit down to talk with Cliff. Cliff explains that he needed a good bodyguard; someone's been trying to kill him. Cliff also introduces everyone to a Marianne Aura Cayzen. After some talk, Meryl takes Cliff behind a curtain for some "private" talk.

Meryl tells Cliff that the person acting as his bodyguard is not Vash and that he's an imposter. Cliff then responds by telling her that he knows this, he's just pretending to scare away any would-be attackers. Interestingly enough, the curtain is not sound-proof at all and Milly, Vash, and Marianne all hear the conversation. The young women then asks Cliff to be allowed to stay and help him.

Later that evening, at dinner, we learn that Cliff has become so rich because he's selling water to the drought-ridden area. Marianne is uncomfortable with Cliff's business and excuses herself. Vash follows.

Inside Marianne's bedroom, Vash tries to kiss her but Marianne tells him that she saw something move outside (not wanting to get near him). Vash jumps out the window and grabs Meryl, taking her for the trespasser. As Meryl and Vash are arguing, they look up and notice that Marianne's gone from her window. Furthermore, Cliff is gone too. Meryl suspects Marianne, Vash doesn't, and Milly suspects ghosts (silly Milly).

Amidst the arguing, Vash accidentally triggers the opening of a secret passageway that leads underground.

Underground, we see Cliff beating up on Marianne (who is wearing a sheriff's badge, trying to bring the water monopolizer to justice). Cliff is about to shoot her when Vash jumps in the scene. Cliff tries to shoot Vash but he's too quick. Vash eventually gets the upper hand in the fight though he accidentally makes one of Cliff's underground water tanks explode.

The mansion explodes and water fills the entire town. Vash, Milly, Meryl, and Marianne stand outside the town with Cliff Shezar tied up. Marianne thanks Vash but Meryl shrugs off his accomplishments as being "dumb luck." No one recognizes Vash for who he is: The Stampede.

Vash walks into the distance, complaining that if he revealed himself to Marianne, he'd be arrested. Furthermore, Vash complains that the flooding of the town will probably be blamed on him as well.