Season 1 Episode 2

Truth of Mistake

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • An evil conglomerate attacks!

    Oh no! How could someone POSSIBLY sell a natural resource to make a profit? HOW!? Okay, so the story line is a little...weak, but it's a good episode to watch in order to learn about the real world! Deceiving conglomerate cons townsfolk and guests without guilt or shame! Vash of course "clumsily" defeats his evil scheme and wins the heart of another girl. Sure she would have taken him to jail if she had known...but let's look at the bright side, Vash has saved more lives and has brought justice to all! Now we must question why Meryl is completely ignorant and Milly is the brilliant observant one...all-in-all, it's an alright episode, and is important to watch in order to get a straight story of the entire series.
  • Vash's second outing

    The second episode of TRIGUN, and we see Vash hired as a bodyguard for a old water tycoon. The Insurance girls are back, and they bump in to our hero once more. Meryl refuses to beleve that vash is vash and then some more things happen. We see Vash drool over women and other general silly goings on, but overall the main enemy isnt that good. The story was ok, and it is a good episode, but not one of my favourites.Yet, at the end of the episode we feel sorry for our lead character as he doesnt get the girl. And thats whats so good about TRIGUN, our hero is a loser who always messes up and never gets the girl. A hero with faults. But overall the episode wasnt terrible and wasnt amazing so thats why i gave it above average.
  • Not Vash The Stampede's most glorious moment, but a good episode still.

    Meryl and Milly arrive at an abandoned town and find out that Vash is working as a bodyguard for a man named Cliff Schezar, who has all the water for himself. Sincerly, I liked " The $$60,000,000,000 dollar man " a lot more. But i'm not saying that it was bad. It was average. But I have to admit that I never expected Mr.Cliff to be the bad guy. Seriously, this was a decent episode. Not too good, but not too bad either. And we discover that Vash likes most woman. But he fails to conquer any one of them.
  • Stupid funny

    OK I have never seen the episode but the few quotes that there were I laughed so SO TERRIBLY HARD! TERRIBLY HARD! I am a recent fan of the comic books and thought this place would be good for episode summery resorces because ! can not find them any where else. I am very happy to find these. This one is my fav. so far. :):D :p :p :D :) . . . .. ... .... ... .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . sorry i could not help doing that... so keep it up!
  • Vash becomes a body guard to quite a rich man. What's this, no one is in town. It seems the rumors of Vash The Stampede's arrival scared everyone in town away!

    This is a very good episode. The beginning is a little slow but it certainly picks up at the end. Vash shows how truely impressive he really is as he dodges many close range bullets. Vash simply has to pick up and move on after the incident of flooding the town.
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