Trinity Blood

Season 1 Episode 10

Overcount II. Lucifer's Choice

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is a sad episode at the end. Abel is still skulking over what happened with Sister Noelle. Apparently in the last episode he turned in his badge and gun to Lady Caterina. But my question is does he really want to quit the AX?

    Full of action. Lady Caterina is under house arrest after what happened in the last episode. Meanwhile Abel is skulking by himself. He had just turned in his badge and gun and upset a lot of people. Also Archbishop D'este is planning something that involves the Silent Noise. Someone named Isaac confront's Lady Caterina. Sister Esther goes and finds Father Nightroad for help. She convinces him to go back and help the AX. He arrives at the place Caterina and Isaac are talking. She is happy to see him and he protects her from him. He turns into 40% Crusnik form and Isaac uses the Arrows of Belail to try and kill Caterina but Abel blocks it. Then he turns into 80% Crusnik vampire and almost kills him but didn't because he promised to never kill anybody agian. Isaac runs off and Abel turns back to normal unconcious and Lady Caterina thinks he's dead.
  • Another exciting episode

    Cathrine is confined in her quaters.The AX members fear that she may be removed from office.Albel is still in greif thinking about Naoe who is gone.The vampires are prepare to destory the town.The Ax members begin to discovered the truth about the slient noise and where it is.Learning that Catherine was lure in an trap.Ester begin to looked for Albel and tries to get him to come back and help.The other AX members begin to work on destorying the slient noise.Even defeating the arc bishap as well before he plays the slient noise.Albel is trying to protect Sister Catheleen.The bell has rang that means doom for Rome.Albel is unconious and we see an figure standing ontop of something.

    Ok the character standing there the mysterous blond he could be foreshadow for episode 11 or something anyway this is an good episode.