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  • a good show, could have been better

    I normally despise things that try to trick people into the god faith but I have to admit I was able to over look it because it was funny and the christ /god thing was done in such away that it wasn't preachy.

    now the bad points of the show,:

    The pope was a whiny, sniveling whelp whose voice hurt my ears and didn't even grow a pair until the end of it all.

    esther blanchett was nothing more than a worthless character that got in the way 99.99% of the time, she was only useful once and that was to save a vampire diplomat (which could have been done by some other .

    And the whole point of her is to become the ruler of a nation?

    not worth the time to keep her in the show and any other character would have been a good filler in her place.

    The series ended to soon as there was much more that could have been told, for example the war monger 'brother' who always tries to star a war with the vampires.

    over all I give it a 6 out of 10, would have done better if they had more story and had either killed off esther early on or just flat out had scrapped her Char to start with, The pope having a spine would have helped as well as getting a better voice actor..

  • Until now, only Goku was an idiot who cpuld save the world from certain destruction.

    Abel Nightroad,the main character proves anyhting is possible, even for a priest. You;d think of a priest as an unlikely hero, but armed with the ability to transfrom in a cruxian-vampire that eats other vampires-he is truly a wonder. this story takes place in the future after a nuclear war. After the horrible war, vampires appeared and began to kill humans. Now it is up to the Pope-a young kid with no self-confidence-and the priests to help the world. though the details of this show are still a bit fuzzy to me, i find this show strnagely atracting. the priest is poor and such a complete idioyt i can't help but laugh! And, one of the priests is an andrios, talk about wierd! Quote of the show. *Abel looks into his monet purse and drops coins into a pocket* to revela three cpins. Desolate, he scream into the sky* "My lord! What have i done to anger you!?
  • An anime with enough tools to be a great one, but it fails to achieve it.

    An anime with enough tools to be a great one, but it fails to achieve it.
    Trinity Blood is a good anime overall with some great elements and some great flaws.
    This serie is a good one because it has a good story with good characters. It´s a story driven anime, it centers in revealing the story piece by piece. It has some action, not enough to appeal to action fans, but it does its job right.
    The great elements are the world which is imaginative and the timing of episodes, which is incredibly done, slow to deliver the information, but engaging at the same time, always having a tension scene.
    The flaws are fairly basic but annoying at the same time. Somes scenes are incongrous with the rest of the serie if you care to pay attention to details. And some details that deserve a better explanation doesn't get any explanation at all.
    Despite that great animation and great music also helps a lot to enhance the qualities of this anime.
    But in the end Trinity Blood fails to deliver its final tension scene. Worst thing that can happen to a good anime.
  • This show is fabulous and still one of my all time favourites.

    The show is set in the distant future where a war is being waged between humans and vampires. In an attempt to protect humanity the Vatican employs agents called Executors to destroy the vampires. One such Executor is Abel Nightroad, a seemingly haples man who is infact a very rare type of vampire who feeds not on humans but on other vampires.

    This show is great. The plot is exciting and intriguing with enough mysteries and unanswered questions to keep you watching through out. All of the characters are well thought out and well developed through the series. In fact my only criticism of the show is that the obviously planned second series never materialised and so the series ends with several unanswered question, but you can't have everything can you.

    wow this anime was great while it did have religious propagand in it it also showed the darker side of the vatican while bringing in vampires as a freak mutation the beggining was great where the intro to the wandering preist father nightroad develops over time and you see the shadowy curtan draw back and you see through his happy go lucky additude to a serious calculating man who never lost trust in so many people the show was fabulous all the action and character development and all the witty things and creations shows that this anime shoud definately be brought back for a season 2!!
  • The show follow the vatican in a post-apocalypse world that is being over run by vampires Part of the vatican is only military while the other part does things in a more covert way sending out people with special abilities to try to keep world peace

    One of the best animes I have ever seen. Part of why I like this is because it adds a lot of information into the story line, and makes you think a lot while still being able to have tons of action. It also shows what a lot of people think the world might be like in a few years if the world goes how it is now. There are tons of interesting characters and a twist and turn at every point in the series. It is amazingly well done. This show does have a darker side seeing as how it is based on a post apocalyptic world over run by vampires.
  • Abel is sooooo sexy, Why the *&?/ did they just leave it hanging. Come on I have the entire set of DVD's and dying to know when the next season is going to be.

    I don't think it is fair to just leave it hanging with Ion and Abel hanging out and their oath to finish it. Come on bring it already. Esther needs to know he is alright not just left out and why didn't Abel go to her coronation, it was her most important day. A day of peace and hope for the Terans and Methusala's alike. Even Abel's sister thinks he is dead. The ending has left us breathless and sitting on the edge. Anticipation is killing me. We got to know, when is the new season going to come and is there going to be a new box set?
  • Although I am not religious, I really enjoyed this show.

    This show rocks!!! This show is about Father Abel Nightroad, a traveling priest who goes on missions from the Vatican. Abel is also a crusnik, a vampire that drinks the blood of other vampires. Abel, along with Esther find a way to have Terran (human), and Methusala (vampire) live together in peace. The action in this show is awesome!!! I like it when Abel is in his crusnik form fighting bad guys with his scythe. There is alot of gun combat in this show which rocks!! The dialog in this show is awesome! The fights that go on to the next episode will keep you hooked on the series. The intense action in this series is another thing that wil keep you hooked on the series. The music in this show is good. I really had no interest in the opening theme song, but I did like the ending theme "Broken Wings". I really liked the music when the scene shifts to the Vatican. The characters in this show are awesome!!! They have good personalities, and have awesome combat skill. Overall, cutting edge show, awesome dialog, intense combat, memorable characters, great music. If you are a fan of action, or horror anime, this show is for you.
  • This is the Best Vampire Show that I have ever Seen! Trinity Blood cant be Trinity Blood, without Abel Nightroad. Altho, I wish that TB didn't have a Cliff-Hanger Ending. When I finished, I wished so badly that Abel could seen Esther again. EstherxAbel!

    I love this show and I can say is that I love it. The first time I watched it I was like "Wow this is Soooo cool, because I love Vampires." My Most favorite Episodes are the last four mainly because I love the Abel and Esther pairing. Abel is just obliouvs to Esther's feelings, plus even his own. If you want to see more Esther and Abel moments read the Manga because the Anime creators cheated us to like Ion with Esther rather than Abel, ERG, never ion and Esther!! Abel and Esther 4 ever. . . no matter what!!! The ion and esther moments to me were a waste of time, because she only protected him because it was her job, for instance why does she always say, "Excellency" than his stupid name, "ion".I have always loved the AbelxEsther, they just need more episodes to bloom thier relationship. But 24 episodes cant do the trick, they need more to show their love for each other, at least a bit. . . please. AbelxEsther I agree with the other reviewer named xBankotsu who said this. "Although, that's really the only thing that was left open I believe. Esther became Queen, hooray. I've always loved the AbelxEsther thought, alas, Abel is oblivious to her feelings." I agree because I love Abel and Esther and that the Anime should've have ended only when Esther was Queen of Albion for like 5 minutes on the last (hopefully not the last) episode. Anyways, calming down, I thought that the last 4 episodes were the best I've seen in awhile. *Spoilers* I was so pumped up with the fight between 100% Crusnik Abel and Cain at the end. Also, that Esther was happy that he came back to life. But was unhappy when the series ended so soon. Because I wanted to see what Abel visiting Esther again, will he say, "Esther" softly or what? The Anime Creators really to make more of the show!I love this show and I love InuYasha and Fruits Basket. But All of them have never ended, due to the Creators of the Anime who want us to read manga. I LOVE ANIME, KAY!!! It is unfair for the Anime watchers to read Manga, to know what happens. So, what I was saying was that Trinity Blood is the Coolest Vampire show I have ever seen. Trinity Blood is Awesome!! I know that there are alot of Vampires with guns now, but this show has the *Vampire Crusnik, the vampires who drinks the blood of other vampires. And the Crusnik Vampires are my favs (not Cain, he's evil) Abel Nightroad who is the main character, Seth (Abel's little sis)NightRoad, Lilith (She died before the Series started)NightRoad, and the evil Cain (spoiler* Abel and Seth thought they killed, but he comes back near the end.) Also that Abel is Sooo Hooooott, hot, hot, hoooot! I love Abel, he's so cute, hehe. I think that Esther should have him though. If you want a great Vampire Series watch this one.
  • And I thought Blood+ intertwined history and politics with its plot. Trinity Blood is politics and history (or future history). A definite must-see. (Spoilers!)

    Though it only has 24 episodes, I think Trinity Blood was a good-all-around anime that had some serious strengths. Nice and dramatic, there was serious storyline power between the Vatican and the Empire. Throw in some ravenous vampires to screw up politics with a protagonist with a shady past, and you have a very melancholy plot. Abel and Esther have many adventures in Europe and meet and/or confront many strange people, vampire or otherwise. Though the beginning of the show was a bit shaky with forming an actual storyline, about Episode 7 or 8 we could tell that some big stuff was about to break out in Europe.

    Total carnage defines the series after Episode 10. The internal chaos within the government of the Empire was interesting. The Duke of Tigris and von Lohengrin raising some serious Cain (no pun intended) and murdering the Duchess of Moldova and framing Ion brought us one good adventure that I would buy if it was a novel. Then we have the final thriller with Albion, where it's Matrix City with all of the machines below Londinium. I wasn't all too surprised with the outcome, that Abel had an evil twin and both, along with the rest of the Crusniks, were simply lab prototypes. Though the end was a tad disappointing, at least it was a semi-happy one for Esther.
  • Although a personal favorite, it definately could've ended better.

    I absolutely love Trinity Blood, BUT I feel as though they left the last episode in a semi-cliffhanger. It seemed like a season's end...Not a serie's one. Basically Abel is saying that he'll continue to fight his brother...And that's it. So I'm left wondering who wins...Because in Trinity Blood, it's definately not a "good guys always win" deal, so I wasn't quite sure. I was saddened by the ending that was left wide open.

    Although, that's really the only thing that was left open I believe. Esther became Queen, hooray. I've always loved the AbelxEsther thought, alas, Abel is oblivious to her feelings.

    Overall, great show! I suggest anyone who hasn't watched it, to watch it. It's highly recomended and I would've loved to see more episodes. What was it? 24 episodes long I believe? Yes, not nearly long enough.
  • A 1000 years in the future, the world is no longer divided along ethnic/religious lines; the world is bifacated between humanity and vampires. Humanity and the vampire empire struggle to find peace while a third power emerges to destroy them both.

    I am pretty pleased with this anime. The first episode nearly turned me off, but once the second episode begins, the storyline, character development, and plot/subplots really begin to deepen and expand. Trinity Blood is an interesting, clever mix of fantasy, science fiction, history, and biblical mythology. Taking a peice of 13th century european history, namely the second inquisition, Trinity Blood uses the social structure of the medieval church to blueprint this future society. Post armagedeon, humanity is in a cold war with the eastern empire - much like the crusades of old. Neither the historical metaphore nor the subtext of current political and international relations are particularly subtle; quite the contrary, both are totally in your face throughout the series. However, this glaring lack of subtlety does not distract from the series as a whole. In fact, I find both the historical reference and the political subtext poigant to our contemporary international landscape. Similarly, the subtext of redemption and 'love thyne enimy' can be found in most world religions. I find the imagry of a futuristic church as a military dictatorship rather amusing; despite being a catholic myself, I did not find the symbolism offensive. Of course, my older sister was jaw-dropped shocked that there was a woman cardinal. The Biblical references were fairly accurate in the story line, particularly with Cain and Abel. The dialogue was fairly good and internally consistent. The animation was very good. Most of the action sequences were well choreographed as well. The ending was quiet disappointing, and badly disjointed. All in all, I would recomend Trinity Blood to fans of anime and sci-fi alike.
  • Trinity Blood is a series of Japanese novels written by the late Sunao Yoshida , which were originally published in The Sneaker, a periodical that features Japanese fiction.

    The series takes place in an indeterminate time in the future, 500 years after an apocalyptic war between all of Earth's nations destroyed civilization, when humanity has reestablished itself. In this future world, the Roman Catholic Church has become a major military power, whose goals include the protection of humanity against the vampiric Methuselahs, who war upon humankind (or "Terrans," as they call humans). The seat of power is the Vatican, an attractive place with traditional European architecture; it is likely the same Vatican city in the real world (albeit perhaps rebuilt following the previous war). The Methuselahs are themselves another major political and military force. Their capital of Byzantium (presumably built on the site of the real world's Byzantium, now Istanbul) appears as an elegant metropolis, surrounded by a field of particles which filters out UV radiation, thus protecting the Methuselah population.Both sides in this conflict are in a barely-contained cold war against each other. The current countries use "lost technologies," remnants of advanced technology that survived the apocalyptic war. These include airships, missiles, computers, etc. Worth noting is a third great power, Albion; it is a future version of Britain, with Buckingham Palace clearly seen in a number of episodes, reigned over by a monarchy. It is characterized by its superior arsenal of lost technology and weapons, and a higher level of manufacturing ability than the Vatican.
  • Abel Nightroad, he's a priest but he's cool too,he can turn into what he calls a "mark of his sins",a Crusink. Ester, a nun doesn't know a destiny that awaits her, she finds herself having romantic feelings towards Abel. He seems oblivious to it though.

    Ever since I ran into this anime I've really love Trinity Blood it's a great anime and action filled. If you love violence not too much though I suggest it and for all those who love to see anime about vampires, or just love anime watch Trinity Blood. It's the best anime in my opinion I love it, you should watch it, it's awesome. I love Abel!!! =] Each episode will want you wanting for more I know I stayed up watching until who knows when trying to figure out what would have happened next. Anyhow I'm hoping there will be another season of it...can't wait...
  • Trinity Blood? I must have the first episode, because I didn't understand it at first. I started watching it more and found myself more interested in the show. For some reason I don't see it on anymore, why? I love it now, It's good, but not the best!!!!!

    I thought Trinity Bood was cool. I liked it alot! I don't see it on anymore, which disapoints me, I looked forward to it. Inuyasha is first, FMA is second, Bleach in third, and Trinity Blood is fourth, at least their all in my top 20! Anyone who likes Trinity Blood is cool through my eyes. Thats all, so I'll catch ya later my homies!

    Love, war_doggie_1993
  • A solid watch…

    Trinity Blood is nothing special; I wasn’t too thrilled with it during the first three quarters of the series but around the end it kind of kicked in and I appreciated it a little more…
    I’m not a huge fan of vampires and that sort of mythology, but I really liked the post-apocalyptic earth scenario that the show was placed in, where much of the population seemed almost entirely cut off from their past and had little knowledge of their ancestors (us.)
    The Humans vs. Vampires issue was obviously very poignant, an allusion to races vs. other races now, and the foolishness of such infighting within the species of man… So I give it some credit regarding its attempt at a serious topical anime.
    The animation is also very high quality, visually stunning at times, very detailed, and characters and locations are gorgeous… eye candy abound.
    The music is also very good, the piece in the beginning of the 23rd episode was tremendous, and it felt very emotional considering the fact that I really was untouched by the story and characters up until this point.
    And regarding characters, Trinity Blood really falls short, 24 episodes is a short time to bind the audience to its protagonists, but I feel that the creators really didn’t try hard. So it came up empty for me here if I compare it to say Samurai Champloo which was only 3 episodes longer.
    The story is also barely passable, hints of plot and intrigue are divulged very sporadically, and these that are revealed often left me unsatisfied, so it was chiefly because of this that I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the ending.
    So plot and characters aside, it was a solid anime, and definitely worth the watch, and I still like it a lot now that I have seen it through, it simply didn’t blow me away.
  • Trinity Blood didn't redefine anything or set any records but if you were one of the few who had the patience. You would've seen some really good episodes between the standard fare. Trinity Blood is another anime run at the

    Trinity Blood didn't redefine anything or set any records but if you were one of the few who had the patience. You would've seen some really good episodes between the standard fare. Trinity Blood is another anime run at the Vampire tales but this one in an attempt to differentiate itself. Takes place in a world 500 years after a nuclear holocaust. Knocking man back to the stone age or by the time of the show the middle ages. With a few trappings of 25th century life with laser weapons and airships. TB is nothing fancy in it's application of action and sexuality. Even though the main characters are priest and nuns that doesn't stopped the show from sexing it up. The women are typical size d bim-wonders and the vampires are the typical bad guys. No surprised here destroy all humans who resist and eat the rest. On top of that when the show started to show potiential it ended. Which was caused by a multitude of episodes that didn't accomplish anything or go anywhere. People are crying for a second season but from what i've seen what's the point? I'm not going to say I hated the show but more of convienant scheduling and it being so short why not went into my viewing all 26eps. A nice distraction during my workouts is about all I can say this show will accomplish if I do get the dvd's.
  • The best anime of its time.

    This show is becoming one of my favorites, I watch it every Saturday night without fail. The animation alone is outstanding, this has to be the best animated show aired in America. Able's voice could be a little better (deeper that is) he does sound to much like a little kid. I love the fact that everyone is so religous (which is odd for an anime I think) but will not hold back when they have a gun. This show is so good, I've refered it to many of my friends, and they are starting to get hooked too. Wtch it, you won't be sorry!
  • I thought this was A Great Show

    Well I really can't say too much about becuase I started watching it in all different places So I didn't really Understand much but from what I saw I thought It was great Full of Fun Show once I just wished there was just a little more romance a.k.a Lovey Dovey LOL Once again that's just me but out of all I thought it was a really good show I loved that it was so different from anyother anime I have ever watched though it was a little Boring to me at times I still found it very interestig and awesome I think anyone that Loves anime should watch This Show!!
  • This is my most faveorite animes- and i mean it a lot....

    ABel Nightrod is a priest in the AX which is in the Vatican... well he's also a crusnik too... ilove the show soooooooo much- i hated the ending though cuz they just left it out there like "oh yeah and were making another season" at first when he died i did get teary eyed- i mean he is a great character- Ester is great too... so is Ion and so is the one guy (i cant spell his name so i'll call him is code name) puppet master even if he was a bad guy. If they make a movie or continue it i'll probaly do anything to see it. Well i give this show a gazillion star ration because i just love it. The story is so intense and depressing how things play out. I think it is a masterpiece.
  • The is 3088, humanity survived armaggedon, but now faces a new threat,Vampires, but a new threat surfaces, one that threatens an already unstable peace and only one person can prevent open war,a clumsy priest that's niether human or vampire, but a Crusnik

    Yes, Trinity Blood is about vampires, but is different from the rest? Well for starters that's no vampire hunters or overly romantic blood suckers for starters, Trinity Blood is about a cold war between two factions that soon band together to stop a faction that plans to provoke war between vampires and terrans (humans). First off, the storyline is much different from any other vampire story, as stated it takes place after armaggedon in the year 3088, as the series progresses you meet all sorts of colorful personalities and learn more about the two 'warring' factions, around a quarter ways into the series, you learn there's a much deeper power that wants open war betweent the two. The main character is a traveling priest for the Vaticant, Abel Nightroad, on the outside he's poor, hungry and pretty much clumsy, in truth he's a Crusnik, a vampire's worst nightmare. Animation is excellent, showing a both lighthearted side and a dark side, voice acting is done wonderfully and features a pretty good cast, some which appear in previous Funimation titles, like Chris Sabot and Colleen Clickenbeard, both previously worked on Samurai 7. Any problems? If you don't like vampire anime, than you'll probably not like Trinity Blood, if you have a weak stomach, Trinity Blood is not for you as it contains a good level of gore, but if you like a deep story, action and vampire anime, than look no further than Trinity Blood.
  • father abel nightroad, a member of the vatican's AX unit and a cruznik, a vampire who sucks other vampires blood. Along with sister ester and his fellow ax memebers, he tries to stop the order of rosencroits, otherwise known as the contramundi.

    This was a good show that kept you coming back for more when the episode ended. The storyline all revolved around the order of rosencroits which is lead by a foe from abel's past, who he must overcome one day. I give trinity blood a 9.5 out of 10, that's one rocking vamp.
  • A battle between humans and vampires.

    I've seen the entire series. The animation and characters were outstanding. I have to say this is the best show since "Hellsing". The "Trinity Blood" series has a lot of suspense, drama and of course vampire killing action. It has a vampire character Abel Nightroad that sides and defends humans from vampires. It's almost the same as the other series. Abel is a vampire who disguisses himself as a human priest. He's a very powerful true vampire. A young girl(also a nun) Esther works with him. So if you're into anime, just wanted to see a lot of vampire killing action, or if you like "Hellsing", then this is the show for you.
  • One word Amazing.

    Thats is a summary of it. Amazing! Like others have said it's not like other animes which i wrong in one way. There are animes of vampires but they are right this one is unique. This is about one of my most favorite animes. Personal favorite. Although it's said this is a short anime which sucks but its still great! The manga for this is pretty goood too. Abel nightroad is funny et serious which makes him a great main charcter. Ig you haven't seen this anime i advise you do seriously. You won't be dissaponited if your a Anime fan.
  • Cool show!

    I love it. It's one of the greatest shows ever aired on adult swim. It's about a guy named Abel Nightroad who is a vampire that has the ability to suck other vampire's blood. Awesome. This show (in my opinion) might be better than Naruto, if you don't think so, you might be wrong. Watch it Now!
  • good looking chars, Great effects, but dude... it's ABEL nightroad, Cain's surname's different.

    Looking at the story in general, it's quite an eye candy compared to most of the so called animations out on the market, given that, the only problem is some of us don't really see the underlying stories and multiple references to the bible. ^^ hope you guys and gals grab a bible and start highlighting all the verses quoted within ^^
  • Meet Abel Nightroad.A executor who fights off and kills vampires.Actually, he is a vampire but has the ability to suck the blod of other vampires.He also meetsa girl named Estha who hates Methusiasam for killing her parents.And thats the gang.

    This is a great killing show and is very interesting.Knowing that Abel has a sister and a brother who are both Krusniks.But Abel is actually Crusnik 02 and just wanting to know his full brother is an amazing thing.Well this is my review and is one of my favorite shows.
  • Simply put, the best of the best...

    I am simply in awe of this show. It has everything nessesary for a good, scratch that, awesome anime...

    The story and the characters themselves are totally different than others in some ways. Kresniks, Terrans, and Methuselahs are all amazing... Abel Nightroad in his Kresnik form startled me at first, but now, it meerly facinates me... The bad thing about it is that since he is a vampire that drinks the blood of vampires, and since he is reluctant to do so, he loses a bit of power and energy. Which, of course, is bad for him, but good for his enemies... Overall, I love this show so much... So much *blood*, violence, and the occasional laugh. This show definetly deserves a 10 out of 10, if not, then higher...!
  • This is a show about vampires who call themselves methuselah,and the kruznik(sp?)vampires who drink the blood of vampires.Its also mixed with the vatican and all these other things.Its very interesting.

    I like this show alot because its very interesting and has good characters. In the beggining i didnt understand it much but now the story has gotten really good.I like the whole vampires and vatican thing.One thing I love alot is the way the anime is drawn,its very beautiful and that is one of the things i like most about it.
  • What can I say, this show is fabulous!!!!!!!

    Vampires, Crusniks, Giant ships, blood, and violence make up this beautiful looking anime show. It is by far one of the best vampires shows around and could possibly even rival Hellsing. What I truly love about this show is it's presentation. The drawings are crisp, the backgrounds are beatiful, the character designs are amazing. Not one instance in the show where I saw a change in the character's drawings unlike in Naruto. The plot of the show is pretty engaging even though the first few episodes were not on par with the others. Trinity Blood also has some interesting characters. The most interesting of them all is probably Father Nightroad. He has the same characteristics that Trigun's Vash had. Both are goofy but when they are serious they become deadly. Father Nightroad is actually a vampire that sucks other vampire's blood. This idea is pretty awesome. They also have a character named Pope Alesandro who by the way is the biggest woos of all time. I just dont get why he became the pope. Now the bad things about Trinity Blood. Well there isnt a lot but I thought that the show could be longer. We also dont see conclusion of Father Nightroad's fight. It wouldn't hurt if they decide to make a movie. I would totally go out and buy it.
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