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  • And I thought Blood+ intertwined history and politics with its plot. Trinity Blood is politics and history (or future history). A definite must-see. (Spoilers!)

    Though it only has 24 episodes, I think Trinity Blood was a good-all-around anime that had some serious strengths. Nice and dramatic, there was serious storyline power between the Vatican and the Empire. Throw in some ravenous vampires to screw up politics with a protagonist with a shady past, and you have a very melancholy plot. Abel and Esther have many adventures in Europe and meet and/or confront many strange people, vampire or otherwise. Though the beginning of the show was a bit shaky with forming an actual storyline, about Episode 7 or 8 we could tell that some big stuff was about to break out in Europe.

    Total carnage defines the series after Episode 10. The internal chaos within the government of the Empire was interesting. The Duke of Tigris and von Lohengrin raising some serious Cain (no pun intended) and murdering the Duchess of Moldova and framing Ion brought us one good adventure that I would buy if it was a novel. Then we have the final thriller with Albion, where it's Matrix City with all of the machines below Londinium. I wasn't all too surprised with the outcome, that Abel had an evil twin and both, along with the rest of the Crusniks, were simply lab prototypes. Though the end was a tad disappointing, at least it was a semi-happy one for Esther.
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