Trinity Blood

Season 1 Episode 12

The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Lady Caterina is warned by her brother to go back to Rome. An assassination attempt on the eminence has him worried for her safety. She declines the offer, when suddenly a fire breaks out near where she is staying. Suddenly, a young boy appears in her room and attacks her. It turns out that the young boy is a vampire. Then, bullets start flying from the door and the boy gets hit. Tres busts through the door and starts firing again. The boy then decides to run away.

In an alley, Ion is helped by his partner, Radu Barvon. He takes out the silver bullet from Ion's body.

Meanwhile, Caterina is talking to Abel about what happened in Cartago. She tells him about the imperial messenger, Ion.

Later, Abel and Sister Esther are having a drink. They talk about what happened, and Abel tells her that he will have to go. Esther thinks that he shouldn't because he's going to be up against vampires, but Abel just left.

On a ship, Ion is being treated by his partner. Ion thinks that he is weak for being incapacitated by just one bullet. Radu explains to him that silver is dangerous for the Methuselah, and says that he should be thankful that he survived. Radu also says that the fire could have been caused by factions in the Empire, that don't agree with the emperor, and that they could have started the fire so that he would get injured.

Brother Petros and Sister Paula arrive and talk with Lady Caterina. They were sent by Cardinal Medecci to protect Lady Caterina. They have been dubbed as the Knight of Destruction and the Lady of Death.

Ion is still resting when Sister Esther arrives and points a gun at him. Ion attacks her, but she is able to push him back. Esther sees the blood on Ion's shoulder, and hesitates. Then a blade is placed on her neck, so she stops.

Father Nightroad comes and saves Esther. Abel slaps her, for disobeying his orders. Abel then talks to Ion and Radu, and asks them if they are interested in talking to Lady Caterina, and they say yes. Suddenly, the Department of Inquisition comes and attacks the mansion. Abel asks them if there is another way out, and they say that they can leave through the sewers. Abel says that Sister Esther will take them to Lady Caterina, and he will stay behind to buy them some time.

Sister Paula arrives and sees Abel. Sister Paula tells her soldiers to capture him, but Abel defeats them easily. Then, Brother Petros arrives, with the intent of killing Abel. They fight, and Brother Petros says that he doesn't want any help from anyone.

Meanwhile, Sister Esther is escorting Ion and Radu in the sewers.

The fight continues and Abel is barely dodging his attacks. Abel goes over the edge of the cliff and falls into the water. He is presumed dead.