Trinity Blood

Season 1 Episode 2

Witch Hunt

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Father Abel Nightroad and his partner, Father Tres Iques, are out on a mission. They come across an area complete ransacked by vampires. No one is left except for 15 vampire corpses. The injuries suggest that the vampires killed each other. Suddenly, a little girl runs out of hiding. Tres shoots at her, but Abel stops his android partner, saying that she's just a little girl. She puts her pointer and middle finger to his head and uses "Contact Telepathy", causing Abel to fall back unconscious.

Ultimately, she is restrained by Tres, with the help of Father William Walter Wordsworth, codenamed "Professor". Abel is seeing a vision and he eventually regains consciousness, and he soon learns that the little girl is named Elise Wasmeyer. Elise, whose parents are dead, is a witch with mysterious powers. This causes her to become a target for the vampires, specifically the Fleurs du Mal.

Abel talks with Elise, and tells her that he's here to help her. She says that she's alone in the world and that she has no friends or family. She then asks to go to the bathroom, and instead, tries to run away. Tres, meanwhile, receives orders to terminate Elise if she runs, and to also terminate anyone who gets in his way. Back in the interrogation room, Wordsworth tells Abel that he'll send Sister Louise to pick Elise up.

Tres discovers that Elise has fled, and attempts to kill her. Abel protects her, saying that he's her friend. Tres tells Abel about his orders and he then begins to attack Abel. Their battle is eventually brought outside, where Abel manages to shut Tres down via an electric shock.

Sister Louise arrives, and after they bid farewell, Elsie goes off with her, thanking Abel. Wordsworth arrives soon later and introduces Abel to Sister Louise. Confused, Abel soon realizes that the other Louise was a fake and was a vampire! He runs off after them by means of the tracking devise Wordsworth put on Elise. Tres then wakes up.

Elise is tied up in a dark room. Outside the room are numerous vampires. Inside the room with her is "Sister Louise" who is actually a vampire working for the Fleurs du Mal. Elise cries out for Abel to help her. Suddenly, a man crashes in through the ceiling in the next room. Father Tres dual wields his two pistols, and takes out all the vampires in the room. The female vampire then attacks him, but Abel takes the hit. He tells Tres to rescue Elise, while he unleashes his power.

Abel transforms and was able to defeat the enemy easily. Abel joins Tres and Elise outside. Tres points his gun at Elise, saying that he has orders to terminate her. He then puts the gun down, saying that he is out of bullets. Just then, the female vampire comes crashing down! Tres uses his gun and delivers the finishing hit to her. Realizing that he wasn't out of bullets after all, Elise cheerfully runs after Tres while Abel smiles.