Trinity Blood

Season 1 Episode 2

Witch Hunt

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A little girl with telepathic powers is being chased by vampires. Leave it to Abel and Tres to save the day.

    Someone has murdered a bunch of vampires; Abel and Tres investigate. All they find at the scene is a little girl, who just by touching and looking at Abel knocks him out. She tries to do the same to Tres but it doesn't work (because he is a super-cool gunslinging robot).
    Abel uses his niceness to try and get on the girl's good side; she says that because of her powers (contact telepathy) she has been branded as a witch. Now some vampires are after her; presumably because they want her power themselves.
    The priests send her to an abbey somewhere with a nun who comes to pick her up. The only problem is later, the REAL nun shows up. Having made a foolish mistake, Abel and Tres run off to save her from the impostor.
    In the end, everything ends happily, with us learning a lot about Tres, including the fact that he really isn't the emotionless person we are inclined to think, and Abel showing more of his kindheartedness.
  • Abel and Tres encounter a little girl named Elise Wasmeyer, who has telepathic powers and the ability to take over people's minds. Due to her powers, she has become a target of the vampires! Will Abel be able to protect her? Or, is she the threat?!

    Another great episode of Trinity Blood! I love Tres he is so cool, for a robot and all. They go to investigate a murder well murders(there were a lot of dead people) and while looking they run into Elise who was a survivor of the attack. Of course the vamps. don't want her dead but ot use her for her special abilities. When Abel tries to calm her she uses her powers on him and puts her into a dream and weget a small glimps of his past. But it's still a very little glimps of it. But Abel eventually becomes friends with the girl. It was funny when at the end the girl had got kidnapped but they rescued her Tres said he was out of ammo so he couldn't do anything to her but when the vamp that Abel thoguht he killed came out Tres started to shoot at it and Abel sai I thought you ran out of bullets. So you see Tres isn't a complete robot with out feelings. Loved It!
  • A little witch becomes a target to vampires.

    In this episode of Trinity Blood. Abel and his robot Tres finds a little witch named Elese who was lost and alone with no parents. Abel was commanding Tres to look for Elese when she was escaping then Tres is now destroying Abel so he has no choice but to turn him off. Then some vampires in disguise is trying to get Elese but failed when Tres comes to the rescuse and saves Elese from danger.
  • More to come. Capturing Abel's past in the flashback.

    I thought that Elise was too cute, but when she started to speak, she had the attitude of a teenager. Especially when she called Abel a "pervert" for wanting to show her the way to the bathroom. Also, we saw a bit of Abel's past in a flashback when he was rendered unconscious by Elise. We know there's a woman involved and an arch enemy. Apparently, the arch enemy has done something horrendous to the woman; but before we, the viewers, can get a full glimpse of what that may be, Abel wakes up immediately. I also saw the pilot episode and wondered if Abel is going to tell every vampire that he is the kind that feeds on other vampires. We know that he isn't an ordinary person. But granted that he dons the costume of a priest, what is he exactly?
  • Better and better by the minute ^_^ ....side note, it has a great editor too ^_^ :D

    Again, its time for Abel to save other human from the Vampires. This time, she's not ordinary human. The little, sweet, innocent looking girl named, Elise, is what you would call something that does not meets the eye. She may look cute and innocent but the Vampires want her for her powers. Being such a young girl she has special powers, I'm not exactly sure what the powers are but... she can knock a person out cold with the touch of her finger. After doing this to Abel, Abel sat down and had a little talk with her. She seems to have no friends at all, she believes, but Abel decided to be her friend even if its only him. ^_^
    Elise was kidnapped by the vampires anyway, and Abel and Tres came in right on time to save her. Tres with orders to kill Elise claimed he ran out of bullets and out of no where appeared a vampire. Tres, "having no bullets" shot the vampire and saved the three of them. Even if Tres is a robot, he's kind at heart. ^_^
  • Thes reminds me of Brandon Heat from Gungrave.

    Arriving at a scene of dead vampires, Abel and Tres finds this little girl, who has the ability to mind control vampires. The little girl touches Abel, putting him to sleep. In his dream, he sees some kind of flashback. Abel wakes up to see Professor. Professor tells Abel that they have the girl and will be sending her to a sister. It turns out that the sister was a vampire to capture the girl. Abel and Tres go to rescue her and while they did, they both slaughter some vampires.
  • Vampires Wants The Little Girl Power

    Albel encounters an little girl with telepathic powers and is able to take over people mind.Albel dreams of something.I do not know what.Elisa begins to hissed at other people in the church.Albel begins to learn more about her even why her parents who locked her up and stuff.She is afraid of going near to people or touching them.She hate to see people fighting with each other.But why did the Vampires want her? With those amazing powers? So in the end Albel saved her.Before Elisa was kidnapped Albel explained that she can't hate the world.

    This is another great installment.So far the anime is looking good.