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Trinity (UK)

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Taking place at the 900-year-old Trinity College, this once upscale playground for the rich and affluent is opening its doors to "regular" students, including freshman Charlotte Arc. She enrolls to uncover what happened to her father, a professor at the college who mysteriously died just before the new semester. As she befriends other new students at the school, they begin to unveil a web of sinister activities within the halls of Trinity, involving sex, drugs, and secret societies, such as the peculiar Dandelion Club.

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AIRED ON 9/20/2009

Season 1 : Episode 1

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  • The worst show in the world

    This show is the worst show in the world. To summarize, there is this black guy, who has a crush on this incestuous blonde hair girl who wears graduation hats constantly. Her cousin that she fucks then takes the virginity of a young girl whose father mysteriously dies, he also was a priest, I think. The black guy also becomes friends with the quirky girl who is actually pretty much zooey deschenel, but walks around with barbie dolls. Dont worry there is more. The person who runs the college is part of some secret plot with a radar device in the wall to communicate with a woman who only says "protect the dandelion club at all also that guy just hired a woman as school warden who is trying to bring equality to the sexes while her co-worker is falling in love with her. Oh wait, they also have super powers. I am not kidding, watch the first episode. But dont get concerned, there is a macrame vagina. So stay tuned. I just hope the fourth episode involves most of these people dying. I am now going to go kill myself as I have lost all faith in art and humanity.moreless
  • 'Trinity' is a curious but unique mix of drama and comedy, with a host of varied characters. The series follows students of an elite university for the rich and powerful that, for the first time, is opening its doors to all classes.moreless

    The first point worth mentioning in a review for this series is the brilliantly weird mix of comedy and drama. The apparent suicide of a student is both shocking and disturbing, but is also the source of some brilliant strokes of dark comedy. Presumably aimed at an 18-25 year old audience, the series taps into the interests and anxieties of youth and harnesses it to provide an eccentric but often sinister storyline.

    One of the best elements within the series is the presence of Charles Dance, whose charisma is matched only by his brilliance in offering scathing criticisms with as little effort as it takes to blink.

    As the series continues, it becomes increasingly dark and comical (two terms that rarely go together in today's television). 'Trinity' is a brave and unique series. While I doubt it will continue for a second series, it will undoubtedly attract a great deal of attention.moreless