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    • Pilot
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Bobby is transferred to the N.Y.P.D. after working homicide, but the lieutenant doesn't want him around and dumps him off in missing persons out of spite. For his first case, he and his new partner, Detective Damiana, investigate the recent discovery of a pile of dismembered body parts. A friend of Kevin's asks him how to tell his wife and his daughter that he's seeing another man. Clarissa advises Liam that he needs to sever ties with his crooked boss, Jerry McCaffrey, now that Bobby is covering the area. Fiona is crushed to find out her boss, Josh (whom she's been dating) was married and didn't tell her. Bobby's connection comes up with the name of a suspect for him -- Billy Bingham. Bobby confirms that Jerry is a criminal, and presses Liam to stop working for the guy. Kevin suspends Amanda from teaching after she is repeatedly late to class. A mysterious man tells Kevin in the confessional that he is sorry he has to kill someone. Kevin gets in trouble himself with his parishioner when the gay man's wife complains about Kevin's suggestions to her husband. Simon believes Mikey died of an overdose, and doesn't want Bobby to try to clear his name. Liam and Bobby get into a brawl while trying to pick up Amanda, who's gotten messed up. The lieutenant yanks Bobby and Damiana off the Bingham case, now that it's turned into a homicide investigation. Billy Bingham almost kills Bobby, until his partner comes to his aid. Amanda comes to Kevin for help, as she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is.moreless
    • In a Yellow Wood
      In a Yellow Wood
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Bobby roughs up an associate of Bingham's, and asks the man where his friend is. Kevin wants Amanda to get an official pregnancy test. Fiona has it out with Josh after he reassigns some of her accounts to other brokers in the firm. One of the kids Kevin coaches in basketball, Tommy, is having problems. The McCallisters go to a wedding, and Liam brings a deckhand friend, Joe, who has a thing for Fiona. Clarissa is angry at Bobby because he showed up late to the wedding due to work -- a situation that's not helped any when Lt. Wade calls him out of the wedding to guard a prisoner with Damiana. Amanda's test results confirm she is pregnant. Kevin catches Tommy stealing from the church, but doesn't punish him. Fiona and Joe have an intimate talk after the wedding, and end up falling in love. Amanda goes to a bar to see her boyfriend, Niall, perform with his band; she suspects he might be the father. Liam pays a visit to a construction head Jerry is working with -- who proves to Liam that his boss may be working against the union. Bobby and Damiana get in trouble with Lt. Wade and two homicide detectives on the Bingham case because of what Bobby did. A couple of Jerry's workers get seriously hurt on the job, so he and Liam go to the hospital to visit grieving relatives. Liam ends up giving one of the wives a huge sum of money that the construction head gave to Liam to give to Jerry. Jerry tells Liam that he believes in the union, reconvincing Liam that Jerry's on the level. Bobby promises to devote as much time to Clarissa as he does to his job. Kevin arranges for Amanda to meet with a woman who helps unwed mothers, but she bails and instead leaves New York with Niall.moreless
    • No Secrets
      No Secrets
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Bobby and Damiana interrogate a bar karaoke announcer, Raphael, about the disappearance of his boss. Raphael insists he's alive, as he had always talked about starting life over. Eileen contemplates starting her own life over by going back to work. Amanda has a spat with her after Eileen asks if she's put on weight. Liam tries to talk Simon and Joe into going thirds on a run-down houseboat he wants to fix up. Amanda begs Fiona to let her crash at her place for a while, but Fiona is reluctant due to trouble Amanda caused there previously. To change her mind, Amanda admits that she's pregnant. Damiana suspects Mr. Karaoke might have murdered his boss, but before she and Bobby can look into it, they get intercepted by FBI Agents Quindlen and Lamott, who want to talk to Bobby alone. A parish priest, Father John, introduces Kevin to his old friend and new arrival, Father Peter Castoro. The agents tell Bobby that Billy is a privileged informant, and ratted him out for not following proper procedure once. Quindlen warns the arch enemies not to let anything happen to the other. Fiona and Amanda fill Clarissa in. The elder sisters both don't want to tell Bobby, and discuss the possibility of an abortion. Damiana demands to know what happened, but Bobby keeps a tight upper lip. Neither he nor Clarissa tell each other about the day's events. Bobby advises Liam to get out of the mob now. Kevin gets to know Peter, and learns he's a recovering alcoholic who's been arrested for DUI. Eileen tells Fiona that she knows Amanda's hiding something. Fiona and Kevin don't see eye to eye on the abortion issue. Liam talks to Jerry about what Bobby said. Fiona foots the bill for the abortion, prompting Kevin to show up at Amanda's school to try to talk her out of it. Bobby and Damiana find out that the bar owner is alive after all. Clarissa tells Fiona that Amanda never went to the clinic. After Damiana confronts Bobby at home, he explains how he was supposed to be Mikey's guardian, but blew it big time by not being there. Mikey became friends with Billy, wound up dead in what was ruled a suicide, and now Bobby feels guilty. Their private meeting upsets Clarissa. Amanda gives Fiona the reason she didn't show up -- she's having doubts, and is worried about what Eileen might say. So Fiona admits to her that she secretely had her own abortion in college. Kevin puts his principles aside, and reaches out to Amanda, after which she lets him know she didn't go through with it. Peter inspires Kevin to do a town walkabout. Amanda returns home, and reveals her secret to Eileen.moreless
    • In Loco Parentis
      In Loco Parentis
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Furious over the fact that Niall knocked up his sister, Liam takes Bobby with him to aid in a little street justice. Bobby breaks up the bloodmatch when he realizes Niall didn't even know Amanda was pregnant. That makes Niall happy, and Liam annoyed at Bobby for breaking the fight up. To Kevin's dismay, Father John informs the clergy that Father Castoro will be taking over Father Ryan's duties. When Kevin pulls Fr. John aside to ask why he didn't get the position, he's told that he isn't ready yet. Amanda is enraged to learn that Liam put his hands on her boyfriend, and wants him to apologize to Niall. Bobby and Damiana interrogate the Cupideros, a Latino family whose 8-year-old son, Nestor, has run away. Kevin attempts to persuade a jogging buddy slash former astronaut to talk to the kids he coaches, but since Kevin neglected to talk to him for eight months, the guy isn't interested.moreless
    • The Patron Saint of Impossible Causes

      As Christmas approaches the McCallister family deals with many problems. Clarissa must face the consequences for a decision at work. Eileen doesn't know how she'll pay for college. Bobby gets into a fight with Santa and learns a secret about Simon.

    • ...To Forgive, Divine
      ...To Forgive, Divine
      Season 1 - Episode 6

      The McCallister family gathers for Thanksgiving. Clarissa has some big news for Bobby. Amanda makes some decisions regarding her life and the baby. Kevin must help a member of his parish who has a secret to confess to him.

    • Having Trouble with the Language
      Having Trouble with the Language
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Joe convinces Fiona to skip work and spend the day with him. Liam's one-night-stand throws his clothes out the window in a rage, because she expected him to stick around. After reading about a private detective who helps track down birth families, Clarissa wants to find out who her real parents are, but Bobby tries to talk her out of it. Hoping to prove her worth, Eileen nervously goes out for her first job interview since high school. Damiana gets a transfer to homicide, and Bobby gets moved to the basement. Joe takes Fiona to a bunch of flashy places where he's friends with the owners. Bobby moves his stuff downstairs, where he's introduced to his apathetic, black new partner, Sam Davis. Eileen is laughed at during her interview, as she has no degree and no experience. Liam's friend, Nick, asks him to return a favor by persuading his boss to pull some strings and get his brother-in-law a job. Clarissa hires the private detective, and receives an envelope containing info about her real parents -- which she's hesitant to open. Joe gets so fed up with Josh calling Fiona that he shuts off her phone. Liam chats up another woman, who informs him that she's married... and still flirts back. Bobby tries to get to know Sam better, but only gets to know his persecuted black man's schtick. Eileen wonders if she should follow the interviewer's advice and go back to school. Bobby is investigated by internal affairs agent Chaidez, who offers him a deal -- find something good on his dirty partner that can be used against him in court, and get out of the basement. Bobby learns from Sam that he used to work on the drug task force, and his partners stole some of the confiscations, then framed him. After Clarissa goes to Eileen for parental advice, Eileen asks Simon if they could help raise Amanda's baby. He reluctantly agrees, on the condition that Amanda want them to help raise it. The married woman's husband, Ronnie, catches her and Liam making out in his car, and nearly bashes Liam with a bat. Amanda upsets her mother by shooting down her offer. Liam realizes he's tired of his life when he forgetfully tries to pick up a woman he tried to pick up a month earlier. Simon plays mediator to Amanda and Eileen. Bobby apologizes to Clarissa for not being there for her. They open the envelope together, but only her mother is known.moreless
    • Hang Man Down
      Hang Man Down
      Season 1 - Episode 5
    • Breaking In, Breaking Out, Breaking Up, Breaking Down
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Election day for first year rep. Charlotte and Rosalind go head to head in a bid to win over the college vote. Lord Gordain is worried Maltravers is losing his grip, as the Warden becomes suspicious.
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Ross Bonham is displaying worrying signs of violence and were it not for Maltravers intervention would have been expelled. Dorian arranges a prank on the college statue.
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Ross' funeral. Charlotte gets caught up in trying to find out what happened to him.
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Lord Gordain comes back to steady the ship. Charlotte gets detained by Dorian. Dr. Cooper finds the guilt too much.
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Founders Day. Alumni of Trinity come back to visit, including Hunter - the richest man in the world. Maddie gets an unwelcome visit from her boyfriend.
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Rosalind resigns her position as student rep, and Charlotte automatically gets the post. She decides to abolish the Dandelion Club. The Project send an envoy to check up on Maltravers.
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Jonty becomes suspicious of his boyfriend Ross's death. Maltravers offers him a deal which he refuses.
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      First day of term at Trinity. Theo arrives and doesn't like what he sees - when the college laugh at him at the initiation lunch he decides to leave. Dorian chooses his fools for the year.