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  • I wish NBC gave this show a chance to grow.

    I liked this show from the first time I saw it. It had an exceptional cast and I found it entertaining. I'm not sure if some of the problem was the stereotyping, an Irish American family with 6 children, (one died as a teenager) We had a police officer, a priest, one working for a shady labor union leader, one a Wall Street wizard and one not sure what she's doing. I personally loved the interaction of the family, and really wanted to find out more about them. I still watch the tapes from this show sometimes. I don't pretend to know why only 4 episodes aired in my area in it's time slot, 2 more aired on a Sunday afternoon. I think if given more time and more promotion this show could have been a hit. After it's cancellation 2 of the stars went on to star in Third Watch and another was given a comedy show which didn't fair to well.