Season 1 Episode 6

...To Forgive, Divine

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 27, 1998 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's Thanksgiving, and Clarissa has big news for Bobby -- she's five days late for her period. Niall feels uneasy about going to Amanda's house for the holiday. Liam talks Joe into ditching his sister andspending Thanksgiving at the McCallisters' with Fiona. Simon makes no secret of the fact that he doesn't want Niall in his house. Fiona gets upset when she learns that her mother tore apart her huge centerpiece. When he finds out that McTeague doesn't have any plans, Bobby invites him to join the clan. Niall seeks to find an apartment for him and Amanda. Eileen's mother, Doris, arrives from Florida to share in the festivities. A church-going friend of Kevin's, Tim, calls him to his apartment with a request -- he's dying, and wants Kevin to read him his last rights, because he's going to kill himself. Fiona continues complaining when Eileen tells her she took the dishes Fiona gave her and put them in storage. When Kevin attempts to talk Tim out of his depression while the man tends to his plants, Tim tearily confesses that he's a child molester. Eileen doesn't like when Doris suggests that Amanda go back to Florida with her to have her baby. Amanda chews out Joe's ear, because everyone else always tries to make her decisions for her. Simon pays Niall his lone compliment -- every boyfriend of Amanda's that he ever liked, she dumped. When Kevin tells Tim that God will forgive, Tim helps him change his tune by admitting that he molested Liam and Mikey too. Clarissa follows Doris' advice and calls her estranged father, but he doesn't want to talk to her. Bobby and Liam go to fetch Fiona's plates out of storage in the family bar, where they relive their old childhood memories. Tim pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head when the cops show up to arrest him. Joe and Fiona have a spat over Fiona's wanting to indulge her parents with a vacation that her siblings can't afford, after which Bobby and Liam find out that they're an item. Just when Bobby is about to announce Clarissa's pregnancy, Clarissa saves him the trouble, as she's not pregnant. Amanda lets everyone know what she thinks of them for treating her like a baby. Kevin saves Tim's life by stopping the bleeding, but one of the cops tells Kevin that he should have let him die. Kevin stays by Tim's bedside to help him pray, and Tim tells him he didn't molest his brothers. Bobby and Clarissa decide to try, try again. Kevin finally makes it home for dinner.