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Set in the year 2089, huge machines known as Tripods have taken over earth. Controlling humans with a 'cap' (A mind control device in-planted on the head at the age of fourteen) which erases imagination, curiosity and independent thought, mankind now lives without technology in a rural/medieval existence. Cousins Will and Henry Parker only a year away from being 'capped' hear of a place where free (un-capped) men live and fight the Tripods. Their travels take them from their home in England to France where they meet Jean-Paul'Beanpole'Deliet who joins them on their journey to the white mountains of the Alps, home of the free men.
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  • I recently bought this 2 season series on DVD and wow it brought back memory's.

    Tripods is set at the end of the 21st century. The world was successfully invaded by aliens is three-legged machines and the humans not killed have been pacified by the use of a cap, a device fitted to the skull that removes aggressive and inquisitive thoughts.

    Two boys Will and Henry come from a village in England. Having seen what capping did to their friend they decide to run away rather than go through with it. They meet a vagabond called Ozymandius who tells them of a band of uncapped people called freemen, who live in France on a white mountain. The boys set off in search of this mountain. Once in France they meet a French boy called Jean Paul and this trio forms the main part of the story.

    They meet and befriend various people, there are love interests, and they fall foul of the various authorities. Always, in the background, is the menace of the Tripods. Eventually they manage to infiltrate the Tripods' city and learn the true nature of things.

    The locations, scenery and costumes were of excellent quality, making the series very watchable. Opinions as to the acting vary from good to awful (I think they did a good enough job).

    Unfortunately the BBC cancelled the series before the third part could be made, so we are left hanging at the end of series 2. A wasted chance to round off what was a serious journey into high-quality futuristic drama.moreless
  • The Tripods - The show that changed my life

    Where do I begin? I was about 8 or 9 years old when The Tripods surfaced on my screen in Finland, and I couldn't take my eyes off the show from the first time I saw a Tripod on screen. I had never seen anything like it before that, and I still rank it as the greatest sci-fi/drama show in history.

    As I got older I also gave the original books by John Christopher a shot. And although they are very good, the show is still what got me into the Tripods.

    After I got the internet I decided to create a tribute page to my favourite show (, just to give something back to the show that changed my life forever! We thank the Tripods!!moreless
  • Quiet Sci-fi thriller

    I saw the enire series one night and couldn't stop till I saw the final episode. The story starts out about young boys wanting to save themselves from the menacing aliens, but soon the boys wanted to save the entire world. These three boys face all kinds of dangers and perils on they're way. It have some action, but mostly deals with the human aspects of conflict. People finding inner strenght instead of gun fights. There is a very nice love story in there too. My only complaint was that the series needed to show the tripods more. Tripods is a well written show with passable Doctor Who special effects. It is well worth watching.