Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:30 PM May 02, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Cameron starts the trip with her arm in a sling, thanks to a kid running smack into her while snowboarding. She doesn't let her injury dampen her spirits, though. The adventure must go on!

Coming along for the ride are Jessica Alba, Kid Rock and his friend, pro hockey player Chris Chelios and pro surfer Kelly Slater. Destination: Honduras.

Located in the heart of Central America, Honduras is a beautiful country with the second largest coral reef in the world off its coast. Coral reefs are vital to life in the ocean and, in turn, to life on the rest of the planet.

Cameron and friends set out to meet the people protecting the reef so that they can help. After a short plane ride and a long, rough boat ride, they end up in Honduras.

The first stop is Cayos Cochinos, a small chain of islands designated as marine protected territory. There they meet up with their guide, Adrian Oviedo, the director of the Honduras Coral Reef Fund, or HCRF. The HCRF's mission is to manage reef resources, balancing use with conservation. An unhealthy reef here can impact fish elsewhere, such as in Mexico.

While the guys fill out paperwork to get their scuba certification, the ladies chill on the beach and tease them because they are already certified. Once everyone's ready, they head to the Dolphin Research Facility located near the HCRF. At the research facility, the dolphins are well cared for. They are allowed to swim in the open ocean and leave whenever they want to. They like to be petted, so a guide from the facility shows Cameron and friends how to interact with the dolphins. After Cameron and Jessica give the dolphins smooches, the dolphins give them rides through the water.

The next stop is diving in the ocean. Cameron notes that 70% of the planet is made up of oceans. The dolphins soon join them during their dive. Dolphins are highly intelligent with a grace and unique connection to humans. They depend on a healthy ocean for survival even more than humans do.

Underwater, the guide explains that the reef grows two centimeters per year. If you touch it, you can kill it. Algae grows fast and isn't good for the coral. Fish eat the algae, but there are fewer fish because of overfishing. The reduction of coral upsets the ocean's natural balance.

Next the group heads to see the pink boa constrictor in its natural habitat. The only place in the world that it exists is in Cayos Cochinos. They blend so well with the environment that Jessica doesn't even realize there's one above her head! No alarm. They each take turns holding it...although it creeps Chris out a little bit.

The final Honduras adventure is the reef check. Prepped with underwater clipboards, the group's task is to report what they see. It's obvious to them upon the first dive that they are seeing unhealthy reef, overgrown with algae from years of overfishing. By stark contrast, on the second dive they see plenty of fish and healthy, vibrant, colorful corals.

After all of that underwater diving, Cameron and friends end their Honduras trip with a refreshing group, outside in their bathing suits, that is!

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