Tripping Over

Wednesday 8:30 PM on Network Ten Premiered Oct 26, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Why does everyone watch this show? I have watched 3 episodes, and apparently people have been getting hooked week after week, but I just don't get why people think it's so good!

    Okay, so yes, it has a lot of drama and it is kind of Australian, but what is everyone fascination with this show?

    I don't think it has good writing, nor interesting plots, or good dialogue! It actually depresses me!

    How can a show as complicated, bland and depressing as this ever be such a huge success?

    And why is that shows like Veronica Mars, Buffy and Scrubs (3 critally acclaimed shows and loyal fan bases) don't get the true audience they deserve?

    I'm sorry, but I do not see everyones fascination with this show and I don't think it is very good at ALL!
  • Finally a new Aussie (/English) drama!

    Australia has currently have rougly 5 primetime drama shows on free TV which are 100% Australian and they are all at least 4 years old. It's great to see a new one! I wasn't too impressed by the first episode but I will keep watching this show. I don't feel that this is as good as it was advertised to be but then again nothing is. I think that this show is too old for me, I do understand it but I don't find it to entertaining. I love the classic Aussie drama "Blue Heelers" and I think that thats the way Aussie drama should be if there is any. They are trying to pull off a US drama with relationships in the city but I don't think it's working. But that's just my opinion, it could be a great show to someone else.

    After seeing episode 2, I LOVE this show and I am addicted! Such a great show I am totally addicted!
  • Great cast, great storylines.

    Loving this show, right from the first episode you could tell it was going to get you hooked. The cast are great, really work well together. Features quite a few actors from various shows that didn\'t quite make it like Always Greener and what not. Callum plays the Brit newly arrived in the playground of Sydney / Oxford St / Bondi really well, he obviously \"hates\" this job! Daniel McPherson is much less annoying then usual, seems to be relishing having a decent role to play at last. Looking forward to see how this pans out, home channel 10 don\'t rip it off when the ratings season finishes and make us wait til February while the Brit\'s get it all through our summer!
  • One of the greatest Australian dramas of all time!

    All I have seen is one episode of this show, but already, I am hooked. It has got to be the greatest new drama shows on television. It's fast paced, it's dramatic, it's shocking, it's revealing. Tripping Over has got everything that other Aussie dramas should have. The acting is absolutely astounding, the cast is the most talented cast I've ever seen. With the likes of Australian talent Daniel MacPherson, Abe Forsythe, Brooke Satchwell, Rebecca Gibney and Lisa McCune, you know that this show is going to be great. From the creators of SeaChange and Cold Feet, Tripping Over is the groundbreaking new show that I hope to see go on for many years onward.
  • The new series from producers of popular dramas in both the UK and Australia have come together to create a new series, Tripping Over. And I am quite suprised with what they've come up with, I will certainly keep watching to see how the series pans out!

    I think there were a range of elements which have drawn me to this series, so I tried to break them down;

    Firstly, a big draw for me watching this series was Paul McGann. I have been following him since I first saw "Withnail and I" a movie co-starring Richard E. Grant set in the last days of the 1960's for two out of work actors. He is a stunning actor and it is refreshing to see him in a new context (he played the Doctor in the 1996 Dr Who Telemovie and Lt. Bush in the fabulous Hornblower series).
    Secondly, and I know a lot of people will agree with me that the idea of travelling while unattached is gloriously romantic and being a hopeless romantic myself I was immediately captured by the idea of travelling around the world and problems that occur...not that there should be any.
    Other reasons for my attraction to this series was the other cast members, the sharing of the story across two continents and the incredibly moving scene which changes everyone's lives in the first episode. I guess I was pretty daft not to pick up what was going to happen, but because I didn't it effected me more. Wow! I am already keen to see what happens next.