Tripping the Rift

Syfy Premiered Mar 01, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Tragically Whip
      Tragically Whip
      Episode 13
      Chode takes the crew on a company vacation, since he finds an offer for a free family vacation, but it ends up costing Chode much more than he bargained for.
    • Battle of the Bulge
      Chode is suffering from dysfunction, and while single-mindedly trying to prove his manhood, he ends up putting the ship and the whole universe in danger.
    • Extreme Take-Over
      Extreme Take-Over
      Episode 11
      Chode enters Bob (and the crew) in a space race called "The Fifty MKronig Flaming Colossus." In an attempt to cheat himself into first place in the race, he gets Bob modified in a chop-shop. But he soon finds out that he got more modifications done to Bob than he had wanted.moreless
    • The Son also Rises
      The Son also Rises
      Episode 10
      Chode gets contacted from a long-past ex-girlfriend, and informs him he has a son. Now suddenly a father, he is forced into custody and takes him home to the ship. An unexpected twist takes him from showing he can try to be a good father, to his old self again.
    • Witness Protection
      Chode is picked up for shoplifting, but Commander Adam is only using him to get to Darth Bobo. To keep Chode safe, Adam sends him off to a far away planet in the witness protection program. On the planet, four housewives, desperate for sex, all try to compete to get Chode.moreless
    • Raiders of the Lost Crock of */@?#!"
      After Six cuts off Chode, he and Gus decide to hit a strip club. At the club, Chode is given a medallion that is supposedly a key to a treasure, but we soon find out its true purpose. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are stuck in a tractor-beam, and the ship is running out of air...but they can't get away because Chode locked the controls when they left for the club.moreless
    • Hollow Chode
      Hollow Chode
      Episode 7
      After Chode refuses to pay a gypsy at a carnival (who just read him his "fortune") she puts a hex on him to make him invisible. But it turns out he is more than just invisible, he is being erased from existence.
    • The Need for Greed
      The crew is broke, but Six gets an e-mail that she is receiving a huge inheritance. Rather than help the crew, she wants to give it away to charities. They suck up to her and make her captain hoping to trick her into giving them some of the money.
    • Chuckles Bites the Dust
      Darph Bobo's grandfather Chuckles dies, and his hated rival, Chode's grandfather, must give the eulogy... or lose out on a huge inheritance.
    • 23 1/2
      23 1/2
      Episode 4
      In a parody of TV show 24, Six is kidnapped by the Dark Clowns as part of an intricate plot to get Chode to assassinate Commander Adam. The crew wind up on an interstellar craft infested with deadly snakes...
    • To eBay or Not to eBay
      Bored during a long jaunt between planets, Chode calls up a virtual casino to pass the time. But once out of casino mode, the crew begins to notice parts of the ship are going missing: the exhaust system, the captain's chair, even Chode's prized collection of men's magazines. Someone on board is selling off the ship on eBay, but who? Chode dons his deerstalker hat and bad English accent and investigates.moreless
    • Skankenstein
      Episode 2
      The crew of the Jupiter 42 must resurrect a dismembered Princess or their own lives are just as forfeit.
    • Chode Eraser
      Chode Eraser
      Episode 1
      Chode impregnates Babbette, Darth Bobo's daughter, and her mother sends a Terminator-like clown-bot into the past to kill Chode before he impregnates her.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1