Tripping the Rift

Season 2 Episode 6

Extreme Chode

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2005 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

One of Chode's old rivals tries to one-up Chode in an x-treme space-boarding event.

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      • Fifth Generation Tony Hawk: Wow, that dude is whipped. And not in a good way like a dominatrix. (Chode stares) Too much information?
        Chode: Yeah.

      • Whip: Uncle Chode, that's not a girl - that's T'Nuk!
        Chode: Beggars can't be choosers.
        Whip: No one's that poor.

      • Chode: Relax - I'm not here to yell at you.
        T'Nuk: Gus - quick, get your medical bag. Chode's having a mental breakdown.
        Chode: I'm fine - I have a gift for Whip. What's the big deal?
        Six: You bought a gift for someone who wasn't you?
        T'Nuk: Gus, hurry! It's worse then I thought!

      • Captain Adam: Well, he may be the best athlete I've ever seen. Runs in the genes--handed down from generation to generation.
        Chode: Like his small penis.
        Captain Adam: He gets that from his mother!

      • Gus: She wasn't my type!
        Chode: Why - because she had a vagina?
        Gus: For the last time, I'm not gay...oh my gosh, we're missing Oprah!

      • Gus: Why did you bring me to this awful place?
        Chode: 'Cause it's guy's night out, and you're about the closest thing to a guy I've got. Well, except for T'nuk, but I pretty much can't stand her.

      • Sports Bar Sign: Watch Men Play With Balls on our Big Screen TV

      • Gus: You know when I've got something big and juicy, I can't keep my mouth shut.
        Spaceship Bob: Wow, Gus, do you listen to yourself? That was too gay for Will and Grace.

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    • ALLUSIONS (10)

      • Chode: It looks like Jeannie has a new Major Nelson.
        Referencing the TV show I Dream of Jeannie and the romantic relationship between the genie and her "master."

      • Training Music
        The music playing during Whip's training session is basically "Rocky's Theme" from the movie of the same name.

      • Spaceship Bob: If I could turn back time!
        Bob is singing from Cher's song "If I Could Turn Back Time."

      • Gus: You'd think I mentioned E.F. Hutton.
        Said as the bar goes totally silent. A reference to the brokerage firm E.F. Hutton, and a series of ads for the firm from the 1980s where someone would say, "My broker is E.F. Hutton, and E.F. Hutton says..." and everyone around him would go silent.

      • Spaceship Bob: Gus, do you listen to yourself? That was too gay for Will and Grace.
        Referencing the NBC TV comedy featuring the friendship between a gay man and a straight woman.

      • Holo-Bobby Knight: Help me Gobi Wan – you're my only hope.
        Referencing the line in Star Wars: A New Hope with the holo-recording of Princess Leia sent via R2-D2 to the old desert hermit asking for his help.

      • Holo-Bobby Knight
        Referencing...well, Bobby Knight., famed both for his temper and his coaching abilities, primarily at Indiana University.

      • Whip: Balancing on a pole
        Whip's training sequence mimics that of Daniel-san in the Karate Kid movie.

      • Whip: Jane – stop this crazy thing!
        Referencing the opening sequence of the animated TV series The Jetsons.

      • Spaceship Bob: We can rebuild him – we have the technology.
        Referencing part of the opening line, arguably the best part, of the 70s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man.