Tripping the Rift

Season 2 Episode 4

Ghost Ship

Aired Unknown Aug 10, 2005 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

When they run out of fuel, Chode and crew must board a ghost ship to refuel and must confront their greatest fears.

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  • Gus confronting his fears..

    I love this show! This episode had me laughing so hard I literally felt spasms in my laughing muscles. I have watched many comical shows on television but none has ever come close to being funny as this episode.

    The writers of this show really have some creative juices flowing. Particularly the character \"Gus\" on last nights show being chased by his worst fears (I wont mention what his fear was) through out that ghost ship, that had to be the funniest thing I have ever seen in all of my life.

    To the makers and writers of \"Tripping The Rift\" please keep up the good work!!


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Chode: I kicked the little bastard in his unlucky charms!

    • Whip: That boy of yours is going down, Uncle Chode.
      T'nuk: I wouldn't mind seeing him go down . . . on a certain young lovely.
      Six: Thank you. I didn't know you were into watching.
      T'nuk: Not you, Cyber-Jugs. I meant me!

    • Gus: In order to get there, we have to pass through…the Bermuda Quadrant.
      (cue dramatic music)
      Chode: Where did that come from?
      Gus: It's one of the themes I programmed into my auto-voice bank.
      Six: It's triggered only when someone says …Bermuda Quadrant?
      (cue dramatic music)

    • T'nuk: It's true. Those foolish enough to ignore the warning vanish from the galaxy faster then Jodie Foster's film career!

    • Chode: We're all going to die! God, can you hear me?
      Gus: You call me the drama queen!
      Everyone Else: You are!!
      Gus: Well!

    • Six: I suppose you're going to want me to go outside and start waving a handkerchief to get them to pull over.
      Chode: Hey, times are desperate – wave your crotchless panties.

    • T'nuk: Can't you see the tin fairy's been right all along? That's a ghost ship!
      Gus: I feel insulted, yet oddly flattered at the same time.

    • Gus: If only we had some Crisco or Mozzola.
      Chode: To grease the door?
      Gus: Oh yeah – for that too.

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    • Spaceship Bob: Help me! Help me!
      A reference to the original version of The Fly (1958) where a scientist's head is shrunk placed on a fly's body (while the fly's head is enlarged and ends up on his body). At the end of the movie, the protagonist pleads pitifully while being eaten by a fly. Parodied in many movies but never matched.

    • Gus: …but they'll have to pass through the Bermuda Quadrant.
      Referencing the Earth phenomena known as the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious region anchored at one point by the island of Bermuda, where ships and people are reputed to have vanished over a period of nearly a century.

    • Gus: I guess it's true - in space, no one can hear you scream.
      Referencing the famous tagline of the movie Alien.

    • Chode: the Donner Party.
      Referencing a group of emigrants, led by George Donner and his brother Jacob, who were trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the winter of 1846-47. Approximately half of the party was forced to resort to cannibalism to survive.

    • TV Show: Search for El Dorado.
      An allusion/parody of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of... TV series, which was devoted to exploring unexplained mysteries. The most inexplicable mystery was how the show stayed on the air from 1976 through 1982. The precursor of many such shows, about half of which seem to be on Sci-Fi Channel these days, albeit with much lower budgets and production qualities.

    • Spak: The curse of the El Dorado harkens back to the greatest disasters of all time, including Titanic, Apollo 13, and Gigli.
      Referencing two disasters (that are coincidentally movies), but primary the movie Gigli, considered one of the worst movies of recent times (and maybe all times). Starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, it manages to garner an impressive #47 on IMDB's Worst Movies of All Time viewer voting (as of the time the episode aired).

    • Spak: They forget I directed Three Men and a Baby.
      Referencing the movie of the same name, directed by Leonard Nimoy in one of his few attempts to do something "profound."

    • Chubby Silhouette
      When Whip dons a coat that gives him a protruding stomach, the shadow takes on the image of the late Alfred Hitchcock, whose distinctive shadow often proceeded him in some of his movie cameos and in his television series.

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