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  • So Good

    Very funny very wrong but in all the right ways...
  • dude the girls boobs always jiggle lol Its an old show i used to watch alot but it doesnt come on much anymore vv

    This show is sorta like furturama and star wars yet in a way different. I used to watch this show alot and i havnt seen it in a while. I like how the purple guy acts hes funny. He talks like he knows everything. THe girl has got to wear a bra sometime i mean jesus she turns around it like a trapoline. Lol but i think its rather disturbing and i like it so it kinda makes me kinda disturbed but who cares. We all watch these shows for the fun in it and coolness so why are we different than anyone else
  • Ever wonder what Fry and Bender watch ?

    Like Futurama, Tripping The Rift was cancelled and dragged back after 2 years for a third season and perhaps a movie. There is no middle ground here, you will either like it and kick back on the couch with a drink and popcorn, or you'll turn it off in the first five minutes. The plots are artfully "borrowed" from other TV shows, films and current events, but blended together in such wild and funny ways you will find yourself freezing the tivo and saying to anyone who cares - " Did you catch it ? ... they took that snip from ...". Keep the kids away, there are a LOT of things here you don't want to have to explain.
  • Cliché, adult humour, artful "taking the piss".

    A cleverly crafted sci-fi comedy combining the exquisite freedom of computer generated animation with insider jokes that everybody over twenty five will be able to relate to. Even those who don't get the subtle details will be entertained by the light hearted nature of Tripping the Rift. I saw this show purely by accident and became an instant fan. Social commentary interleaved with galactic adventure yields a genre bending romp that will have you screwing up your nose in distaste as often as rolling in the aisles laughing uncontrollably. Well worth looking into if you have even a bad sense of humour!
  • It Is A Great Show

    This Is A Great Show I Dont Know Why It Got Bad Ratings I Mean Like It Has Carmen Electra In It And Its Hilarious Well Some Episodes Are Stupid But The Majority Is Great ! But You Wanna Know What i hate is this stupid damn thing where u have to write a hundred freakin words it takex so long bla bla bla bla bla ahhh 42 more words to go wait now 75 no 77 no 78 noo no no no 84 no ahh wutever Dammit! blablablabla oh crap that all counted as one word so i wasted time ahh Crap! Wait a minute im at word 110 sweet im done!!!!
  • You can tell the show is heavily influenced by futurama and star trek. But after a while the jokes just go rotten.

    Don't believe me look at this.

    -Whip= The lovable fry. All though confused always tries to save the day.

    -Chode= The impulsive Bender. Both like to get drunk, not do their jobs and have a non-stop desire for women (or fembots).

    -Six= The smart but often looked down character Leela. They come up with mastermind plans but no one else wants to use it.
    All though not as slutty both try to find their meaning of life.

    -Gus= Zoidberg! No matter what zoidberg tries to do everyone hates him. Only time that didnt happen is when he was doing something right in their eyes. And well slap on Gus and you got the rip-off.

    -T'nuk: Like amy but much more worse.

    -Spaceship Bob= Planet express ship. What a lawl.

    Plus there was an episode where they travel back to Roswell. Instant rip.

    The sex jokes just go stale. I mean yes, it is an adult show but how many times can you slab that in a show. Either all this show is stupid and lame. So avoid this show like the plague.
  • Tripping the Rift was an excellent show. I wish Sci-Fi channel would bring it back. They left us hanging in Season 3 after only 3 episodes.

    Sci-Fi had an excellent show with Tripping the Rift. Six, oh my thats just good, no great animation. Every week was something new to look forward to. Chode, a lot of laughs. Gus, great character. It was a shame that they left us hanging in only 3 seasons, with only 3 episodes. I want the produces to bring it back. That was the best animated show since Duckman. We adults need good animation too, and there was no better animation with Six! I loved all the characters. If they ever start the series again, I will be the first person watching!
  • Stupid & Unfunny

    The fact that this show is on the air proves that there are a lot of nerds out there who have nothing better to do than look at poorly animated CGI boobs in tight CGI shirts. Seriously if you are that desperate to see fake boobies go rent an adult film you will actually get to see more.
    The jokes in this show are all pathetic sex jokes that the average grade two student can come up with. The animation (like I already said) is really sad, it's 3D computer animation but looks like it is ten years old or something, nowhere near as good as most CGI you see. And the characters are all stupid and don't have any depth. The episodes I've seen are all pretty sad spoofs of other TV shows or movies with the same stupid sex jokes added in.
  • Season 3 has upped the ante... Show returning for a third season shows that all bets are off as to where they will push the limits of cable TV.

    This show already has "classic" written all over it in the cartoon/SciFi world. This adult-rated show is one of the few remaining late-night greats. And with an adult target audience, you don't need to "see between the lines" for a lot of the jokes that you normally might for a child/teen-oriented show with adult jokes "thrown in" just in case an adult is watching it.

    Its crude, in-your-face humor, great animation, and cast dedication really show that this show has got it where it counts. The fact that they renewed it for a third season in only the Canadian market also shows that they are willing to take some risks. The other big risk, of course, is the censors...and how far the sensors will allow them to go on regular cable.
  • Better than Yakkity Yak

    Tripping the Rift is very funny show theres a third season but it on 2007 but unknown to most people, that show was good

    Yakkity Yak is a unfunny show that poorly made with bad plots & voice-acting & really really really really really rellay the worst show on nicktoons, that show wasn't good [as I thought]

    so sgi-fi if you want to tell us there is a 3ed season bring it back
  • very funny

    here is an animated sci fi show that is entirely for adults only. the first time i saw it i thought it was one of the best shows to come along in a while. the thought of a bunch of oddball aliens, a completely anal robot, and a mechanical hooker somehow really caught me as unusual
  • Tripping the Rift follows the adventures of the crew of the spaceship Jupiter 42. It's full of "dirty" humor that some people would find appalling.

    I've only seen a few episodes and no one I know should ever hear that. I think it's a terrible show in all aspects, but I find it humorous. Which is why it got a three instead of a zero. It's sometimes disturbing and gross, and other times just plain silly. And yet I find it all funny. If you are easily offended, you should not watch it. It's incredibly offensive at times. If you're amused by offensive things (like I am apparently) then go ahead and watch it. If you yourself are offensive, then you will love it because it will remind you of yourself. Final note: It's offensive and stupid, and it's funny if your underwear isn't too tight...
  • Should I be watch this?

    This is a weird show that still has yet to show any real depth. But then again I do not think it is supposed to. It is about a group of Aliens in space who endure the tragedies and ups and downs of space life. Gina Gershon is outstanding, and to hear her voice in a sordid little campfest, is pretty laughable. I'm not a fan of Carmen Electra's work though. The animations are really good looking, and I don't know how serious they were when they produced it, but it's very profesional. With this show being peppered with Star Wars and Star Trek references, it is certainly not to be taken as just another dull and lazily impressive science fiction show.
  • Wild, irreverant, sexy, crazy, silly, all words to describe this super show!

    After 2 wonderful seasons, one can only hope that more are in the works. This show is a gem. It spoofs the entire Sci-Fi genre with marvelous "inside" jokes and sendups of some of the most cherrished modern day Sci-Fi Characters.

    No modern movie of Show is exempt, for example the great High School reunion episode which "very Loosely" and very nicely mocks "Footloose".

    I only hope that the Sci-Fi Channel will deside to keep this one around for awhile.

  • This season totally sucks!too much sex and where is the funny ?

    ok ,i liked last season , but this season is down right disgusting! i hate it!

    i really can\\\\\\\'t tolerate the fact that it is mostly about being gay or this point is a little sickening !
    worst than south park!

    ok ok it sucks really dont watch it

    kfdsklbnkfcbfds bfdlbnfkldnbkldfsnklrdn
    and thats all i have to say
  • Enjoyed the humor.

    Great show! Blatant nudity of Six(of one) should be an integral part of this show. I look forward to seeing other episodes. It's so ridiculous it's funny. Thought the squirting light saber was pretty cool as well. The robot is a lot of fun too. It's at least good enough that it has it's own website.
  • "Craptacular" doesn't quite cover it

    I tried watching this show. I like any show that doesn't take itself or its genre too seriously. But after just one viewing, I knew this wasn't the show for me.

    This is a show utterly without charm, class or humor, and seems to rely on nothing more than computer animated breasts to hold on to its audience. I've got no problem with sex being a major component of a show, it's when it's the ONLY component that I take offense.

    I can't figure out why this got greenlighted in the first place. I can't figure out who at the network could watch this and think it's a good show, I can't figure out why anybody would waste their time on this garbage.
  • A show still trying to cash in on the adult animation idea, they just focus too much on the adult lines and not enough on funny lines.

    I saw the short animation before i saw the show and thought it looked excellent. When i saw the first episode however i was more than a little dissapointed. Firstly there is far too much focus on being crude, i do not mind the language or sex at all it is the fact that the writers seem to try to use 'being dirty' instead of fresh jokes. The possibility is there that any random episode may be hilariously funny if you want to laughat a cartoon that swears! and has sex!! It is just not enough for me after seeing really funny animation for adults like the simpsons and family guy.(yes family guy can be crude but they dont rely on it for the laughs.) Anyway to finish up good animation, great idea, bad story, bad jokes and bad execution!
  • Season 1 Tripping got a 9+ from me - it's dropped a whole point this season - it just ain't as funny as it used to be.

    Having said that there have been a few top-notch episodes this season, unfortunately last season the good to merely ok episiode mix was exactly the other way around - i,e, there were only a few naff ones.

    The roswell episode was a complete waste of time, Futurama did a much better roswell episode years ago
  • Good animation blends with bad story

    Despite having great quality of animation this show lacks a good story! This, so called comedy, is probobly the most borig cartoon on the air, besides - this humor sucks pretty bad. This just isn\'t funny!
    Really - complete waste of time - nothing more.

    Borig, bad humor, good animation thou!

    Try it and see for yourself!!! or better - find somnething else

  • Very strange show.

    This show is very strange but is funny as hell! All this show needs is to cut down on the sexualism. It is very... how should i say this...Flashy. It always shows Six( Chodes ummm girl that is an android)almost always nude.But by far this is a very funny show.
  • Finally! A Sci Fi show that doesn't take itself seriously.

    Finally! A Sci Fi show that doesn't take itself seriously. Tripping the Rift takes the piss out of just about every Sci Fi show ever made, including itself. The only thing that would improve the show is if they didn't bleep out the profanities and cover up Six so much. Great 1/2 hour viewing for the "not so serious".
  • A show for fans that don't want kiddy fart humor.

    The show is clearly not for everyone. If you turned it on looking for a kiddy show...look else where. The show is all about sex and lots of mature humor to go along with it. If you've got a mind above the 8th grade level and your not a bible thumper, you'll enjoy the show. If you are one of the above listed groups, then stay away from the show because it will either offend you or be way above you head. If your not sure your in one of those groups. Just watch the show, if you though it was to rude...your a little holier they though. If you didn't get the jokes at all...go back to watching your Ren and Stimpy tapes.
  • Tripping the Rift is a great show featuring mature comedy. And to my surprise, it's on Sci-fi.

    A great comedy on the Sci-fi channel? Now I've seen it all. Tripping the Rift is a futuristic version of South Park. South Park's great, but Tripping the Rift is greater. Because we all know that nothing is funnier that seeing a bunch of aliens, a gay computer, and a hot chick (with big boobs) acting like a bunch of idiots. I got to give it to Tripping the Rift as one of the best mature comedy shows ever.
  • a mildy amusing web toon becomes a lame tv show

    stephen root is brilliant. ive seen him give genuinely funny and touching performances. his talent is wasted here. some reviewers have made comparisons to south park? what kind of crack are they smoking and where did they get it? this bit of low grade cgi mixed heavily with cliche and reheated ideas has no subversive or moralistic stance. its just fluff. and bad fluff at that.
  • y didnt they make this sooner

    that says it all (now jibberish)
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  • excelente show,

    bune ogracias pro aceptar mi suscripcion, porq vi unos cuantos videos de tripping the rift y otras series y me parece muy buenas.

    me pregunto si lo traduciran al español, lovi en ingles el primer episodio y parecio original la idea, pero como hago para ver mas videos,me despido atentamaete, marcrow7
  • This is one hell of a funny show.

    The first episode I ever saw had two charachters having sex. I could not believe that was being shown on regular t.v. It's about time someone made an animated show for us adults to watch without having to pay for it. I really like this show and hope it continues on and gets better with every episode.
  • The newest show for lowest common denominator

    I watched Tripping the Rift hoping to find a computer animated version of Futurama, instead I got a poorly animated version of a bunch of pre-pubescent boys with rude humor gawking at a scantily clad woman.

    This show is plain dumb. If you're looking for the witty humor found in other animated shows like Family Guy or even the Simpsons, you wont find it here. TTR's humor seems like it is directly aimed at teenage kids up past their bed time.

    Besides the boring dialouge and the one deminsional characters, the animation of TTR is just bad. Dont be expecting Pixar like quality with this show. Old kids shows such as Beast Wars, Reboot or even the CG Spider-Man, were leagues above TTR. Did anyone notice the towell the android was holding when she was out of the shower? Forget the fact that she was naked and there were 14 year old boys breaking out the hand lotion all over the country, the animation of the cloth in the towell was TERRIBLE, not to mention her lip syncing is off.

    If you're 16 and under, hormone charged and you're looking for a glimpse of badly computer animated breasts by all means watch TTR. The rest of us should be ashamed for even thinking about it.
  • It Sucked

    Okay. People will hate me. I just couldn't sit through the entire episode of "Tripping the Rift" in order to review it. So, following is my review based on the first five minutes of "Emasculating Chode."

    First, let me catch you up on the premise of "Tripping the Rift." According to's web site (which is more fun that the show itself,) the show is "the continuing comic saga of five misfits who live, work and play on the starship Jupiter 42, which is controlled by a neurotic A.I. known as Spaceship Bob." I think they use the word "comic" loosely.

    The characters are pretty over-the-top. The worst is the blatantly, un-funny grab for attention known as Six. The show's site describes her as "the hottest, sexiest and most advanced android ever created. Designed to have more sex than a dorm full of college freshmen, her programming enables her to fake more than 2,000 types of orgasms in over 600 languages." Are thirteen year-olds running the show? Nope. But it sure seems like it.

    I was just so bored. I kept waiting to be intrigued by a character. I kept waiting for something to be funny enough for me to keep watching. And I kept waiting to understand what the hell they were all talking about.

    I also kept waiting for the adult humor to be funny. "South Park" has racy content, but it's always clever. Such humor on "South Park" is not used out of context or as a tool for attention, like it is here. Bender on "Futurama" is rude, but witty. Here, everyone is just rude.
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