Tripping the Rift

Syfy Premiered Mar 01, 2004 In Season





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  • You can tell the show is heavily influenced by futurama and star trek. But after a while the jokes just go rotten.

    Don't believe me look at this.

    -Whip= The lovable fry. All though confused always tries to save the day.

    -Chode= The impulsive Bender. Both like to get drunk, not do their jobs and have a non-stop desire for women (or fembots).

    -Six= The smart but often looked down character Leela. They come up with mastermind plans but no one else wants to use it.
    All though not as slutty both try to find their meaning of life.

    -Gus= Zoidberg! No matter what zoidberg tries to do everyone hates him. Only time that didnt happen is when he was doing something right in their eyes. And well slap on Gus and you got the rip-off.

    -T'nuk: Like amy but much more worse.

    -Spaceship Bob= Planet express ship. What a lawl.

    Plus there was an episode where they travel back to Roswell. Instant rip.

    The sex jokes just go stale. I mean yes, it is an adult show but how many times can you slab that in a show. Either all this show is stupid and lame. So avoid this show like the plague.