Tripping the Rift

Season 2 Episode 9

Santa Clownza

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The crew is heading off for vacation on the cheap but Bob is upset at being left alone while the crew enjoy themselves. The place is supposed to be a quiet little secret but when they arrive it's crowded with tourists. The computer has lost their reservations and the front desk clerk is wearing a Santa cap for some reason. Chode can't find any place else to stay and T'nuk applies a little pressure on the clerk to get them a room…in the laundry area. They head off for the buffet, unaware that Darph Bobo has arrived and is dressing as "Santa Clownza" to rip off the tourists. They miss the buffet but on the street find out that a major holiday is going on and Santa Clownza's prowl the streets celebrating the holiday. Chode spots Darph Bobo and figures he's planning to ruin Chode's vacation.

Back in the laundry room, Chode and Six contemplate Bobo's creation of a bogus holiday, which cues the rest of the crew arriving with presents for the Clownza holiday. Chode resolves to get even and dresses up as an Easter Bunny to undercut Bobo's holiday with his own, Peacester. Chode and the crew spread the "legend" of Peacester while T'nuk threatens the hotel into giving equal time to Peacester. Bobo notices the decrease in sales and soon figures out Chode is responsible and strikes back with anti-Peacester animated specials.

Chode vows revenge and confronts Bobo in the streets and a firefight breaks out in the streets. They pretty much demolish the city before running out of ammo and going into hand-to-hand. A (very) long drawn-out battle finally wraps up when the populace turns on both of them and they run for their ships. Six is less than thrilled at the outcome but comes around. Meanwhile, the planet is visited by God and the people are less then impressed – he turns a plague of locust loose when the reception is less than expected.