Trisha Extra

(ended 2003)


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Trisha Extra

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Trisha Extra is a twenty-five minute television show that debuted November 2, 2006, and features behind-the-scene footage of Britain's popular talk show Trisha, hosted by Trisha Goddard. Trisha is a one hour talk show that often interviews foul-mouthed, wildly behaved underclass and working class people who desperately need to sort out complicated family and personal issues. Often guests of the show are difficult to work with and very angry about their personal situations. Popular topics featured on the show include infidelity, paternity matters and estranged family reunions. To aid in sorting out these issues, Trisha gives guests her own advice and uses body language experts, counselors, lie detectors and analysis to help sort out the guests problems. The behind-the-scenes footage includes updates from former guests, interviews with counselors and other specialists and comments from Trisha's staff. Staff who regularly appear on the talk show include Pete, the bodyguard who sits on stage with guests, and counselors, Ricky Macza and Robert Phipps.