Trisha Goddard

(ended 2014)


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  • Season 7
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    • Don't Blame Me For The Knife Attack
      On todays show we meet Tracy's mum Amanda, who's scared that her daughter is about to walk back into the arms of the man who left her for dead, as he gets released from prison. We also meet Hazel and her toyboy, who's made to sleep on the floor, we find out why Hazel isn't confident about her image and see if Trisha can give her the boost she needs.moreless
    • Meeting Internet Girls for Sex?
      Vicki is convinced that the 17 year old girl that she found her partner David flirting with over the internet, is much more then a chat room buddy. She also has doubts over whether or not he's lying about quitting smoking.
    • My Daughter went Away, She came Back Gay
      Ron's daughter Natasha left for America in 2006, now she's back, leaving behind a husband and children. Upon her return, she's now getting married to a lady, we find out why Ron is refusing to give her away at her wedding and the accusations that he has to make against his daughter and her new partner.moreless
    • Is My Husband a Kinky sex line caller?
      Diane is convinced her husband has a addiction to phoning sex call lines, after chucking him out 17 days after marriage, she received a phone bill to these numbers for over £700. Vanessa knows that Trevor is her biological father, but for some reason, to this day, he deny's it. She wants nothing more to do with the man, but needs answers first.moreless
    • Did my Brother steal My £12k?
      Fred came home a year ago to find that £12k had gone missing from his freezer. His brother Tony has said he's innocent all along, he's on the show today to prove his innocence.
    • You Conned Me... Into Marrying You!
      Trisha meets a man called Joe, who thinks that his wife conned him into remarrying her and now he wants out.
    • I Married the Suffolk Strangler
      Trisha meets the woman who married the Suffolk Strangler and hears her story.
    • Pregnant & Dumped. Can I Ever Trust You?
      A soon to be mum ponders if she can ever trust the baby's father, after he dumped her once finding out she's pregnant.
    • I've finally got Justice for my Sons Death
      A mother who was looking for answers after her son's death, reveals how she now finally feels like she's got justice.
    • Baby P's Grandmother Speaks Out
      The story that's constantly been in and out of the news about the death of Baby P is the focus of todays show, as Trisha meets the grandmother of the baby who was tragically neglected by social services, despite numerous visits to the house in which it was beaten by its parents.moreless
    • I Spent £500k... for a Perfect Body!
      Trisha meets people who are addicted to plastic surgery.
    • He's So Angry, He Head-butted a Door
      Trisha meets a woman who's worried about her boyfriends anger problems.
    • My Wife's Heading For a Fourth Divorce
      Trisha meets a man who's worried that their marriage will soon end in divorce.
    • Is My Girl the Bracelet Burglar?
      Trisha meets a man who believes his girlfriend is a thief.
    • My 4 Year Old Son Is Only 2'7" High
      Trisha meets the mother of a son who is height challenged.
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