Trisha Goddard

(ended 2014)


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  • Freak Show

    I watch trisha due to the fact that it is more like an urban freak show than a talk show. The kind of people on this show are either crack / drink addicts or benefit claiming losers so naturally it can be immensely funny especially when a slaging match breaks out. Trisha herself seems like quite a good therapist and is more or less likable due to the fact that she is the only normal person on the show.

    I watch this show on the rare occasions of me being off college due to the fact that it is daytime TV only. Which leads me to the conclusion that the majority of people who watch this show are alchoholics, drug addicts or dole claimers. Only worth watching if your at home in the middle of the day, don't have sky, and are waiting to pick up some crack.