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  • Trisha My Love

    I like Trisha, I love Trisha and her show, I always find time to make sure am tuned to the show, I don't wanna care what other reviews say, but obviously to me, she's making good impacts. How I wished she's my mother
  • Mr. Ibrahim Anthony frm Nigeria

    I feel oblige to do this. I've seen a number of similar tv shows like urs claiming to reveal the "truth" bt I tink dey hv failed; cos dey only end up breaking relationship instead of mending them. I congratulate you for ur efort in dealing with real issues bt must importantly u ALWAYS pave a way to heal relationship. U may nt hv succeeded in all bt ur approach is must helpful n commendable. Kip on kipin on.

    Trisha you are wonderful woman by your TV show, i done missed it until if there is no light, i done like to missed it no matter what, it teaches many things in life, it bring people together, children to their parents, it bring love, it detect the truth, and disagreement between two or three people. I love it and i want to be a part of it Trisha. Because i have a case with my friend and now she does talk to me again. Love to hear you.

    BY Talaithykalla7, Nigeria, Feb 11, 2015.

    For the first time I just watched the british talk show Trisha, and I must say I could not even get into the show because of her lack of control and tact when dealing with the guest on the set, who ever made the decision to put her on the set was most def the worst decision ever made by a network, the show tag line is typical but what makes the show engaging as well as the topic is the host and she has no ability to even connect with the people on the stage so why would she be able to connect with critical viewers who have an opinion, maybe it's just a british thing but I could not rest until I said my 2 cent about her alone being by far one of the worst host that have tried this LOL! she is worst
  • talking about Race. 11/15/13

    Trisha you said on air that blacks do not have a culture. You need to do your home work. We as black Americans do have a culture just as everyone else. We all may be different in our ways, but that is how God made you and I.
  • Makeover

    A ton of money was obviously spent on the Trisha set but none on her. She looks like a hotel maid with the unflattering dead racoons on her head, the dowdy clothes that accentuate her high butt and the make-up that does not diminish her large overbite. Please get the stylist who does Sherri Sheppard or Sheryl Underwood. This lady should be looking like brand new money. She is not in the UK, she is in America and that look does not fly. I like the show but I can't look at her. Please hurry!
  • She's wasted on five.

    Before This Morning & after GMTV(possibly the most crappiest programmes on ITV1) there used to be Trisha, a lively talk show hosted by one Trisha Goddard. In a similar vein to Jerry Springer's show members of the public discussed their social or emotional problems in order to get advice or comfort from the host or sometimes the audience. The guests, the scum of the UK populace, usually had problems that were almost laughable & the often braying audience were reminiscent of spectators at a Roman ampitheatre or a medieval witch trial. Even funnier was the taking of a lie detector test by unfaithful partners, errant fathers etc. Some cases were sad & Trisha (A woman who's conquered her own demons) is good at consoling. Trisha switched channels last year & initially she adopted a lighter tone for her new show. It failed & she's reverted to her usual formula. Jeremy Kyle, her replacement on ITV1, seems to have stolen her thunder by replicating her old show.
  • Just your typical talk show

    This is just basically your typical morning talk show but the good thing about it is the charm of Miss Trisha Goddard.
    With the standard paternity tests, I love my best friend or my son married a prostitute stories this is still a very well put together show and when it is on i never miss it.
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