Trivial Pursuit: America Plays

Weekdays 8:00 PM on Premiered Sep 22, 2008 Between Seasons


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Trivial Pursuit: America Plays

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The popular board game Trivial Pursuit has had game show incarnations in the past but none quite as engaging as this. The show hosted by Christopher Knight of The Brady Bunch does not rely on hired writers to create questions but instead the viewing audience. Viewers submit a video of themselves asking a question to the shows website and if their question is chosen become part of the American team. The American team tries to stump the players in the studio with their questions and if America has more money in its bank than the last studio player does in the bonus round then all the players of America's team splits the money.
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  • This is the first game show where the home viewers get to try and stump the contestants on the show.

    You love to play the Trivial Pursuit board game, and maybe you've seen Wink Martin Dale's version of Trivial Pursuit on Family Channel. This syndicated game show is the first one ever where the viewers watching at home get to stump the studio contestants in hopes to win prize money. Home viewers record video questions to submit to the show to try and challenge the contestants. If contestants answer correctly, the Studio bank gets money. If they answer incorrectly, the money is added to the America bank. Every home viewer whose question is shown on the program becomes part of the America team.

    In the first round, three contestants play against each other as well as against America. The first two contestants to light up three wedges in their tokens move on to the next round. According to the categories in Round 1, the "Whatever" one is usually the second or third category of the game. That question is always asked by the team captain, who is invited on every show to represent the America team.

    The first two contestants who won Round 1 move on to the Hot Pursuit round. There are no categories in the second round. It's the first contestant who completes his/her token that goes on to the final round.

    In the final round of Trivial Pursuit: America Plays, the contestant goes head to head against the America team. There are six questions to answer, one from each category. If the Studio bank has a higher total, the contestant wins the money. If America's bank is higher, the team captain and team members who asked their questions split the money in the America bank. If the studio contestant wins and he/she has at least one category left on the board, the contestant has a choice to go double or nothing. If the contestant chooses to answer the next question and gets it right, he/she doubles his/her winnings. But if the contestant gets the question wrong, he/she loses everything he/she could have won.

    I hope one day I get to be part of the America team. I have many questions I am thinking of sending to the show to ask and stump the Studio players. Go America!moreless
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