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  • Gave me the whos who of who I liked to listen to.

    GREAT!! The perfect show. (Think I used who enough times LOL).
  • Greatness!

    Carson Daly is a great show! I used to "sing" all the time to this show because karaoke is FUUUUUUUUN. Everyone loves karaoke.... what a great concept for fans who enjoy music and karaoke!
  • The show that provided the musical score for my second (third?) childhood!

    In its heyday, TRL was the defining moment of the day for all us pop princess and would-be hiphop heroes. We didn't have to be on the streets of New York City below the studio, screaming up at the Backstreet Boys, NSync or Eminem. We could watch from across the country and feel like we were there, believing ourselves to be young and carefree, just months before the attack on the Twin Towers.

    Carson Daly was the man. Snarky and too smart for his own good, he defied the latter by getting engaged to Tara Reid, then after their famous breakup in June of 2001, he was forced to welcome her to TRL along with the rest of the cast from 'American Pie 2.' It was moments like these that kept us watching.

    As someone far past her school days, I was forced to tape the show every day and watch it back later. Why was I so fascinated? After a decade of dealing with sick parents (who had both passed on by the time I rediscovered the Top 40) and moving up the 'corporate ladder,' I was ready to relax and have fun again.

    And it was fun. Those spring break specials! Those summertime beach locations. Those memorable appearances--like the infamous meltdown of Mariah Carey and her "ice cream for everyone." And, oh yeah, the countdown. We loved the countdown.

    Everything changed after Sept. 11. MTV went dark for a day or so, and when TRL reconvened to supposedly help a stunned (young) America cope, it was strained and strange. Carson Daly moved on shortly after. And, for me, that was the end of my Year of Living Foolishly. I still tuned in from time to time, but the pop music I loved had lost its foothold on the music scene and the show seemed more inane than innate.

    But, man, it was fun while it lasted!
  • Good music show.

    This is a pretty good show, if you're into music. I'm a huge music fan, and I love counting down with the hosts to see whose going to be at the top of the charts that day. I love the MTV news that catches up on the gossip in Hollywood too. They have guest stars galore; and the guest stars are wonderful at that. They get the A-List music and movie stars to come and debut their music video, or advertise their movie. I think this show is one of the last music shows on MTV that I actually watch. :)
  • Genre Music videos Starring Damien Fahey Vanessa Minnillo Susie Castillo La La Vasquez Country of origin United States

    Total Request Live (commonly known as TRL) is the flagship television series on MTV that features popular music videos. TRL is MTV's prime outlet for music videos as the network continues to concentrate on reality-based programming. In addition to music videos, TRL features daily guests. The show is a popular promotion tool used by musicians, actors, and other celebrities to promote their newest works to the show's target teen demographic.

    TRL plays the top ten most requested videos of the day, as requested by viewers who vote online for their favorite video. The countdown starts with the tenth most requested video and ends with the most requested. The show generally airs Monday through Thursday for one hour, though the scheduling and length of the show have fluctuated over the years. Despite the word "Live" in the title of the show, many episodes are actually pre-recorded.

    This summer, the show will be relaunched and renamed, possibly to YouRL, with a heavily web-based, interactive format including home viewers able to communicate live by the use of SightSpeed on their home computers.. "While the show is still in development, YouRL is the leading title," an article in Broadcasting & Cable confirmed.

    i never liked music that was on the TV and on the Radio every damn. cuz that was TRL and 106th and park is its garbage. they play wack a*s music and from what i read from other reviews they only play one minute of the video. i never noticed that, what i did notice those retards let people t why they wanted this video to be viewed and they give shout outs to every one they know and the SCREAM wOOOOOO !! 1 ! 1 ! ! 1 1 1! after every damn shout out... and the hosts of the shows are so damn gay bunch of fakers
  • Has lost its worthiness.

    I watched TRL every single day of my life for years but since Carson Daly is out the show has never ever been the same. Years ago the videos were played completely from beggining to end; now your are lucky if you get 15 seconds. I see no point in the show anymore. The new VJ's are ok but nobody like Carson, he was perfect for this show. He was the right age to know a lot about music and he was friends with a lot of artist because of it. Now the show is lucky to last a full hour and not even 30 minutes of it are for music videos; it's pointless. I just think MTV has gone mad in the last few years. Music TeleVision and all you see is drama, drama, drama. The only videos that you get are really early in the morning and that's it. It's not worth it anymore.
  • Total Request Live is average....

    Total Request Live is something i watch every single day to see if the music videos have changed rankings to reach number 1. Alot of people just vote for a certain music video because its sung by a certain person or someone has a guess appearance in it or something. They don\'t open up more videos to artists that don\'t have a huge reputation. This show is really average to me because its the same people day after day on the countdown. They just change spots from number 3 to number 1 or the opposite. Not the best music show, but its a decent show to watch if your bored and want to hear some music.
  • The day the music died...

    Do you want to see 1 minute clips of top 40 songs? Do you want to hear people talking through that one minute giving shoutouts to people you don't know, or maybe just have a gaggle of screeching tweeners? Now how about if those song were almost the same set of songs every day? Want to have some really bad interviews with stiff hosts in between? How about some really uninformative news? If these are things you would love to see then this is your show!

    Seriously, I used to love MTV, what in the world happened?

    Shame on you MTV.
  • The only good thing going for MTV.

    I like "TRL" (Total Request Live) because it gives fan the opportunity to vote on they're favorite videos. Once in a great while I will vote. I will vote for videos that shouls be there. For example in 2005, I tried to vote for "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay, but it never reach the top 10. I love the show sometimes, what I don't like are the peole who promote their ego, rather than have someting to say. Another group who I don't like are movie stars who promote bad movies and people who come on the show and don't promote anything at all, except open their pieholes. I like TRL, but I wish they have better guest.
  • It's OK...

    I do watch the countdown everyday, but it is getting more and more predictable. TRL is running out of ideas to keep us hooked. I usually change the channel to 'Grounded for Life' when it gets boring. Don't get me wrong, it is a great show, but the flame just dies after a while. Even though it is unoriginal, it is a great show and is one of the only times on MTV when you can watch music videos besides 'Sucker Free on MTV' and those two shows barley show full videos. MTV, Make it better! Show more videos! Show it longer! Then people will love it even more!
  • TRL really shows you what music teens are listening to these days. They show new music videos that are coming out. They have interviews with the stars. They give you chances to win things, whether its tickets or CD\'s, their audience is always cheering!!!

    The show is great, it shouldnt be whached for younger children, but its a great teen show! Kids are A L W A Y S whaching it. It really keeps you updated with the news and all. They even have MTV news come on towards the end of the show. Which is kind of fun to hear, because usually its something stupid. Anyways, its a great show like I said about 100 times. Y O U should whach the show and see how updated you get on the star news. If you have IO on channel 188 which is MTV HITS. They have TRL on at either 4:00 EASTERN!
  • loving it!

    i love trl!it's so cool!it was annoying when they switched it to the australian version that i don't watch but the american version is really good.i love it.they have like everything it's like one of my fave shows on mtv well used to be anyway before the switch so yeah it rocks!if you are a music lover u should definetly check out this show!it's got like a music countdown premieres of new videos and heaps of other cool stuff like celebrity appearances e.c.t.i want so bad to see the one where the hsm cast were on it because i havn't seen it yet.great show!10/10!pink_girl singing off!lol.
  • don't get me started

    i would rather bash myself in the forehead with a claw hammer (claw end first) than ever watch this crap again. why on earth is carson daily allowed to remain breathing. this show is a complete and total waste of time. what kind of people actually watch it? nine year old girls, that's who, and they don't have any sense.
  • Getting terrible everyday

    I used to love tuning in and watching this show since there was a huge variety of music on this countdown. From rock, pop, hip hop, they were all there battling it out for the number one spot. Now its very dissapointing since theres hardly anymore real rock, its just mainly poppy little girls and horrible rappers taking over the countdown. Whats left of rock on there...Fall out boy? Please..they are not even close to being rock. Theres no more variety..its just talentless women who think showing their body and shaking their behinds will make you famous, next to rappers who think they lived on the streets makes them famous as well. MTV is crap, Fuse is way better then MTV.
  • It's not the worst music show out there, but it is far from being best..

    I grew up with TRL, it's been on MTV for years (which is odd, since they usually cancel shows within a few episodes or after just 1-2 seasons). I used to watch it all of the time, mainly due to them playing good current music videos. Back then, they were good, they would actually play videos, and actually do things music related.

    Now, TRL only seems to play about 3 minutes worth of videos, in the hour a day they have to play the Top 10 Videos (which are rigged to begin with). If they actually played the whole videos, and made the show what it's supposed to be, then it would be much better. Although, if they stop zipping through videos and having over 40 minutes of just talking about nothing, 17 minutes of advertisments, and 3 minutes to show 10 videos, then they would be better.
  • I like the show because he shows you what music is hot and what music is popular and they interview the singer/songwriters and they tell their side on why they wrote what they wrote and where they came from.

    Great show. I like how they show you what music is good and in the times and they interview stars and they sometimes tell you that their coming out with new albums or their acting and all sort of things. They also have great stuff for the enviroment and the kids and they encourage you to stay in school and to follow your dreams and what not.
  • This show keeps me one step ahead when it comes to music. I was intoduced to groups like Good Charlotte, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas and even Hilary Duff. I love having a musical show that me and almost everyone can enjoy plus it is at a very flexible time

    This sho basically is a countdown of all several videos that allows the public to vote. Everyone watches it. I usually watch it when I am sick. Me and my nine sibilings watch it and when theres a dancy video we all jump up and dance like the dancers in the video.
  • There's nothing like music videos, and a hard find on MTV.

    This show is what makes MTV a reason to watch, that and half the shows on the 10 spot. I just absolutely love the whole countdown aspect, especially when one of my favorite artists has a video in the countdown.

    Plus the VJ's aren't too horrible, and it would be awesome to be in the audience and just be given free crap. Plus this show is known for getting almost any celeb on the show, music, movie, or TV related.

    Guilty pleasures are a must, now if only they would just leave alone what time they play it.
  • TRL = Worst Music Video Show Out There

    TRL is probably the worst music video countdown show out there. I dont see how it is classified as a music video show anyway because most of it is just the dumb, attention-seeking hosts trying to get airtime by doing stupid interviews and contests. TRL could be good if they would take the retarded filler out (or if they really need it, extend the show to two hours), and show the full videos! 10 seconds just doesnt cut it. What baffels me is that the lower vids are on for about 25 seconds, yet the top 4-5 vids are shown for about half a second. INCLUDING the #1 vid. If you really want to watch a music video countdown show, watch VH1's Top 20 Countdown. No filler, no annoying hosts, and most of all, its not rigged!

    I cant believe this dumb thing wont let me post in all caps. Grr
  • Great Music

    I wonder what people got against the best music show. They have great guests, great music, and sometimes world premiere. I watch this everytime it\'s on. I\'m always anxious to find out whose the next guest, what new music are there, and what happens with celebrities. They even sometimes have legends!!
  • It's an awesome way to get caught up on the country's top 10 songs and get to know their celeb guests.

    It has the latest artists and videos and it lets you see how much the artists fans push them up the countdown or let them slide. Its got awesome young hosts like Vanessa, LaLa, Damien, And Quddus. And after a fifty day run in the top 10, the videos slide off and give newcomers a chance.
  • i think todays music sux so no one should watch this show because it sux and they only play rap videos which suck

    i think todays music sux so no one should watch this show because it sux and they only play rap videos which suck. this show sux like i said. um i guess the only good thing about this show is the host. i think her name is vanessa minnilo or something like that. she is hot and thats about it for the show which sux.
  • TRL is a music must!!!! But Why can't they let the videos finish!!!!!

    I like TRL but I'm not addicted. I don't like how they play only half of the videos but hey, that's life right.
    I love the fact that they have a lot of different guess on the show, and I love the interviews, but I think MTV can do better.
  • Worst creation...EVER!

    The creation of TRL signified the death of the GOOD MTV. Anything redeemable that was left on MTV was washed away with the pop powered tween aimed pile o'crap. It finalized the turn of MTV from one of the greatest creations in music to a drunken frat party. To make it worse even when they play a good video they use 90% of the screen to let a teenage girl, who has only made it through here life using her assets, to make a shoutout to someone who no one gives a damn about.
  • Top 10 and great guests!

    TRL is the best music show on television. It's my favorite show on MTV. My favorite video currently is Hillary Duff's "Wake Up". I enjoy making my own personal countdowns. My favorite VJ is Damien. I give the show a 10. PLus, I'm watching it right now. TRL ROCKS LOUD!
  • I love watching it.

    I love to watch Total Request Live.It is my fun of the day.They always have contests and stuff.I love to vote for my video!I love Music Videos,I love the staff,and when celebs drop by its awesome. TRL plays the latest music videos - with a twist. You can vote for the Top 10 videos by Internet or by phone. When a video is on the countdown for 50 days, it becomes "retired". They replay some retired videos in special episodes. They also have celebrity guests alot and mostly everyday. They have world and celebrity news, and it's informative and fun. That's what I like about TRL.
  • A group of VJs count down the ten most requested music videos chosen by a democratic system decided by its viewers.

    This show's premise is too used up and dried out. It's not even entertaining anymore. There are ten million other shows just like it and this one has failed to try to evolve. They should've ended it when Carson Daly left but chose to continue it with fifty billion DJs. Guess one DJ couldn't fill in Carson's shows. When ninety nine percent of the demogprahic voting are thirteen year old teeny boppers who get driven around by beamers then there's the end of your show.
  • TRL is one of the shows I watch everyday.

    TRL plays the latest music videos - with a twist. You can vote for the Top 10 videos by Internet or by phone. When a video is on the countdown for 50 days, it becomes "retired". They replay some retired videos in special episodes. They also have celebrity guests alot and mostly everyday. They have world and celebrity news, and it's informative and fun. That's what I like about TRL.

    I used to not like all the new hosts they had very much. Damien, LaLa, etc. I like all of them now, except Hilarie. She is never on there and she is so self-centered. They have alot of great videos, though it seems like they are overplayed and reran all the time. I like the TRL Awards, it's a cute idea and the names of the awards stand out.

    I love Damien Fahey, he is such a hunksicle, but I would prefer Carson Daly back on the show. It seems like the show is fading into younger and younger hosts. Carson is a perfect gentleman on the show and he is hilarious.

    I give TRL 9.5 because of the host choice and because TRL should run for an hour 30 minutes for more cram packed action. It's a great show and I watch it everyday. One more thing: I hate how they change the time to a couple hours earlier in the summer, I forget when it is on and I miss the celebrity guests and everything.
  • TRL is fun!

    I love to watch Total Request Live.It is my fun of the day.They always have contests and stuff.I love to vote for my video!I love Music Videos,I love the staff,and when celebs drop by its awesome.Will some body please help me figure out why I just started watching this year?
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