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  • TRL = Worst Music Video Show Out There

    TRL is probably the worst music video countdown show out there. I dont see how it is classified as a music video show anyway because most of it is just the dumb, attention-seeking hosts trying to get airtime by doing stupid interviews and contests. TRL could be good if they would take the retarded filler out (or if they really need it, extend the show to two hours), and show the full videos! 10 seconds just doesnt cut it. What baffels me is that the lower vids are on for about 25 seconds, yet the top 4-5 vids are shown for about half a second. INCLUDING the #1 vid. If you really want to watch a music video countdown show, watch VH1's Top 20 Countdown. No filler, no annoying hosts, and most of all, its not rigged!

    I cant believe this dumb thing wont let me post in all caps. Grr