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  • It's not the worst music show out there, but it is far from being best..

    I grew up with TRL, it's been on MTV for years (which is odd, since they usually cancel shows within a few episodes or after just 1-2 seasons). I used to watch it all of the time, mainly due to them playing good current music videos. Back then, they were good, they would actually play videos, and actually do things music related.

    Now, TRL only seems to play about 3 minutes worth of videos, in the hour a day they have to play the Top 10 Videos (which are rigged to begin with). If they actually played the whole videos, and made the show what it's supposed to be, then it would be much better. Although, if they stop zipping through videos and having over 40 minutes of just talking about nothing, 17 minutes of advertisments, and 3 minutes to show 10 videos, then they would be better.