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  • TRL is one of the shows I watch everyday.

    TRL plays the latest music videos - with a twist. You can vote for the Top 10 videos by Internet or by phone. When a video is on the countdown for 50 days, it becomes "retired". They replay some retired videos in special episodes. They also have celebrity guests alot and mostly everyday. They have world and celebrity news, and it's informative and fun. That's what I like about TRL.

    I used to not like all the new hosts they had very much. Damien, LaLa, etc. I like all of them now, except Hilarie. She is never on there and she is so self-centered. They have alot of great videos, though it seems like they are overplayed and reran all the time. I like the TRL Awards, it's a cute idea and the names of the awards stand out.

    I love Damien Fahey, he is such a hunksicle, but I would prefer Carson Daly back on the show. It seems like the show is fading into younger and younger hosts. Carson is a perfect gentleman on the show and he is hilarious.

    I give TRL 9.5 because of the host choice and because TRL should run for an hour 30 minutes for more cram packed action. It's a great show and I watch it everyday. One more thing: I hate how they change the time to a couple hours earlier in the summer, I forget when it is on and I miss the celebrity guests and everything.