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  • Genre Music videos Starring Damien Fahey Vanessa Minnillo Susie Castillo La La Vasquez Country of origin United States

    Total Request Live (commonly known as TRL) is the flagship television series on MTV that features popular music videos. TRL is MTV's prime outlet for music videos as the network continues to concentrate on reality-based programming. In addition to music videos, TRL features daily guests. The show is a popular promotion tool used by musicians, actors, and other celebrities to promote their newest works to the show's target teen demographic.

    TRL plays the top ten most requested videos of the day, as requested by viewers who vote online for their favorite video. The countdown starts with the tenth most requested video and ends with the most requested. The show generally airs Monday through Thursday for one hour, though the scheduling and length of the show have fluctuated over the years. Despite the word "Live" in the title of the show, many episodes are actually pre-recorded.

    This summer, the show will be relaunched and renamed, possibly to YouRL, with a heavily web-based, interactive format including home viewers able to communicate live by the use of SightSpeed on their home computers.. "While the show is still in development, YouRL is the leading title," an article in Broadcasting & Cable confirmed.
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