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  • One of my favorite childhood shows

    I loved it. I love this show so much. Sometimes I feel like this show was created by this person who made "Sabrina: The Animated Series". My characters on the series are: Onyx, Snarf, Topez, Sapphire and Coal. Here's what I would say to my friends: BFFL (Best Friends for Life). Lol
  • Ignore those other reviews, Mine is right.

    ALL of you people are stupid and wrong. The show is great! It's fun, It's clever, It's funny and it's entertaining. It's not like "Bratz" in any way. All of you people who reviewed this are ***ed and wouldn't know a good show if it beat you senseless. As it says, " childlike sense of wonder, extraordinary situations, for the child in you, for the nostalgic, good vs. evil" And it's right.moreless
  • Horror cartoon.

    It's the horror version of "Bratz".

    Plot: Remember the irritating spoiled nature of Bratz? This one has added some horrible twist that will make you puke and spin your head around like Emily Rose from Exorcist.

    Characters: Stereotypical irritating horrible mall dwellers. Voice acting is annoying. All they can do is ask how beautiful they are on each other, their problems w/ appearance, talk about boys, and just being plain dumb. And the villain and it's sidekick is fun to be thrown at the garbage can.

    Issues: Yeah, this show deserves the category "Issues", as this show has issues, it could turn a girl's IQ down to dust. And make the girl a typical one that shops, whines, talks about boys and nothing else.

    Art: Horrible. Too much color. It can sometimes cause seizure. Animation is okay, but this wouldn't save this show from getting a rating higher than -4.

    Overall: -5. is lower than -4 for those of you who are confused in numbers. Really annoying, makes kids dumb. Avoid watching it at all costs little girls.moreless
  • This show introduces trollz Saphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, and Onyx as they discover the true power of friendship and learn many vital lessons about life.

    I love this show! Not only is it hilarious and includes some great animation, but it teaches many life lessons such as the power of friendship. The power of friendship is the recurring lesson in the show as the Trollz realize they cannot get through life without their friends. They battle the evil Simon, learning that good will always prevail over evil. Many other lessons are also learned. Overall, if you haven't watched this show yet, WATCH IT NOW! You will learn so many new things from the show and will wish that you too could cast a spell with a spellbead.moreless
  • Trollz is my favorite show.

    I always watch it every Saturday. My friends and I act just like the girls. I'm more like Ruby, always leading groups. But I am sooo much like Onyx, not caring about life. But I can't believe, they took it off the air. What the hell for?! It's not like Winx Club isn't any better! Yeah I hate Winx Club, such girly girls on that show. Not much entertainment. Trollz has sooo much fun, action and...everything. I will never give this show up for anything. I will bring it back on tv, no matter what. ^^ "Best Friends For Life" BFFLmoreless

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