Season 1 Episode 18

A Dragon's Tale

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 2005 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

The Trollz are having a tea party to celebrate having their Ancients. Onyx, being the only BFFL without an Ancient decides to leave, in a very moody state. She decides that it's time for herself to go alone to the Haunted Woods and find hers.

Onyx crashes her scoot and runs into Simon, Snarf and the dragon. Simon turns her into an invisible tree.

Back at the tea party, Zirconia senses that Onyx is in trouble. Ruby rings Onyx but she doesn't answer. Everyone grows worried, so Amethyst, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire and their Ancients go to the rescue.

In the Haunted Woods, Onyx is getting worried, but the dragon helps her out of the mess. That's when she realizes that the dragon is her Ancient. She hops on it's back and fly away from Simon, who arrived a few seconds before to check that she's still a tree. Simon turns the dragon back into a troll and him and Onyx fall from the sky. Simon comes to finish them off, but the BFFL and the Ancients come along just in time to banish Simon out of Trollzopolis.

Onyx apologises to the group for worrying them and introduces her Ancient, Spinell, who just happens to be Zirconia's husband. Now Onyx is happy and they all go back home.
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