Season 1 Episode 1

Best Friends for Life

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2005 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Amethyst is in a hurry to get to the mall because she is running late to meet her friends. When she eventually gets there, she is horrified to find that her friends ignore her like she isn't even there, no matter how much she yells or talks to them. She eventually wakes up and it is revealed to all be a dream. Her mother comes in and asks if she's alright and Amethyst tells her dream to her. Her mother tells her that even though she's changed over the summer, true friends will adjust and accept the new her.

Later, Amethyst is sitting at a table in the mall waiting for her friends, acting a little nervous. Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Onyx arrive and greet her with hugs and cheers. Amethyst tells them her dream about not fitting in with them anymore and the girls reassure her that it's not true. When a cute boy passes by them, they all make a little remark about him, but Amethyst ends up saying the wrong thing and the girls look at her funny. Amethyst apologizes and says she's had a lot on her mind lately. After some reluctance, Amethyst admits that her spell gem (a small gem on a Troll girl's stomach where the belly button is) finally got it's glow, which means she's now able to cast spells. Ruby asks her to cast one and Amethyst refuses, saying her grandmother told her never to waste spell-beads since they're expensive. (Spell-beads are required to cast spells and a specific spell-bead is required to cast different types of spells.) Ruby gives Amethyst one of her own beads, a transformation spell-bead, and tells her that they'll both cast a spell. They see an old woman passing by and decide to use her as their guinea pig and they will use magic to give her a makeover.

Ruby casts a spell on the woman, using the incantation "Lave and dreary walking by, troll look pretty as a butterfly!" and accidentally turns the old woman into an actual butterfly. Onyx remarks that this will get them in serious trouble and asks Amethyst to change her back. Amethyst is scared to try, but she eventually agrees. Saying the words "Trapped in a body not your own,
release your spirit to the shape you've known" she transforms the woman back into a human shape, and also looking much younger and prettier than before. The girls are all impressed at how good she is except for Ruby, who calls it beginners luck and storms off. Sapphire and Topaz reluctantly go after her to calm her down while Amethyst is confused and wonders if she did anything wrong. Onyx tells her that Ruby isn't used to her standing up to her and she shouldn't worry about it. Onyx then leaves, saying she has a dentist appointment. Amethyst starts freaking out, stating that her dream is coming true.

Back at home, Amethyst gets her picture/video album and begins looking at her past memories. At a camp-out when she was 8, the girls decided to play "girl power tower" and stand on each other to form a pyramid. Ruby orders Amethyst and Onyx on the bottom so Ruby can be on top. Amethyst then looks at a memory of when she was 12 and went to go swimming at Mystic Waterfall with her friends. The girls were going to record themselves jumping off a cliff and into the water below, but the camera kept falling over so Ruby ordered Amethyst to hold the camera while the rest of the girls had fun jumping into the water. Amethyst closes her album, concluding that she doesn't fit in anymore because she used to always follow Ruby and the other girls around.

At Onyx's house, Amethyst tells her that she's been thinking about going back to being the shy and submissive girl she used to be before summer. Onyx tells her that she thought Amethyst was grown-up and cool for learning to be more assertive and stand up for herself. Amethyst is surprised at this and Onyx chimes in that Topaz and Sapphire probably think so too and that it's natural that Amethyst would be better at some things than Ruby. She then tells her to just let it go, but knowing Amethyst, Onyx knows she'll try to fix things.

Back at the mall, Amethyst goes into a nearby cafe and asks Flint, a boy from her school, if she's seen Ruby. He replies that he hasn't when Rock, another boy, comes in bragging to Flint about how much he just bench pressed. Rock noticed Amethyst and tells her that he should know a girl like her, and Amethyst tells her that he does know her and she's Amethyst. Rock says he already knows a girl named Amethyst and Amethyst tries to explain that she's the same person that he knows. Just then, Ruby and Topaz walk up and Ruby gets mad when she sees Amethyst with Rock, her self-proclaimed boyfriend. Ruby walks up to Amethyst and Amethyst apologizes for before, but Ruby yells at her for stealing her boyfriend. Rock is confused at who she means and Ruby says that its him, though Rock is still confused. Ruby tells Amethyst that she's kicking her of the group forever and Amethyst runs off crying.

At the hair salon, Ruby and Topaz are getting their hair dried when Ruby points out a cute boy that's perfect for Amethyst, but suddenly remembers she's not in the group anymore. Topaz asks if she misses Amethyst but Ruby says she doesn't.

Later at the cafe, Sapphire, Topaz, and Onyx are talking about the fight between Amethyst and Ruby. Sapphire says that since Onyx knows Amethyst wants to be back in the group and Topaz knows Ruby misses Amethyst, they should find a way to get them back together. Onyx then says that they need to use magic to get them back together because Ruby is too stubborn to admit she was wrong.

Topaz calls Ruby and tells her that there's a party going on in the woods at a clearing they all used to hang out at when they were kids. Topaz then calls Amethyst and tells her Ruby wants to apologize to her in the woods at the same clearing.

At the woods, Onyx, Topaz, and Sapphire are hiding and waiting for the two girls to show up. When they do, Sapphire recites the words "Sprig of fur and leaf of clover, turn our Topaz into an ogre" and transforms Topaz into a giant ogre. Sapphire then says they're going to scare the two girls back together.

When Amethyst and Ruby meet, Ruby starts yelling at Amethyst again until they hear a loud roar from around them. Topaz, as an ogre, bursts through some trees and grabs Amethyst and runs off with her. Ruby grabs a nearby branch and runs after them. She hits Topaz over the head with the branch, who drops Amethyst. Sapphire and Onyx arrive and admit to everyone that the ogre is really Topaz and they staged the whole thing to get Amethyst and Ruby back together. Ruby realizes how much she would have missed Amethyst if she was gone, and the two of them make up. Amethyst asks if it's alright that she changed over the summer and Ruby says if she means growing up and not letting them push her around any more, then yes. Ruby then remarks that she was getting bored of the old Amethyst anyway. The five girls then go off to have fun together.
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