Season 1 Episode 1

Best Friends for Life

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • The first episode of the series does what it's suppose to. We're introduced to the main character and their relations to one another as well as being given a look into the world of Trollopolis.

    In this episode we're introduced to Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Onyx, the main characters of the series. Right off the bat we learn that Amethyst has changed over the summer from a doormat to a girl who is willing to stand up for herself and not let anyone push her around anymore. Ruby, the bossy leader of the group, has to adjust to this and learn to accept this change in her friend, whom she herself used to boss around. We also get our first look into magic in the world of Trollz. In order to cast spells, girls must first become old enough for their belly gem to glow, and must then use a spell bead and recite a rhyming incantation. This episode was mainly to set up the characters and spell mechanics for the rest of the series.
  • Well Ruby and Amethyst gets into a fight and Ruby is jealous and the girls are trying to get them back together by using there magic to help...

    Well not bad at all!i think its definitely great its teaching us to learn to be friends and treat others nicely i think its a great episode! not getting in to a fight is a good idea if the world starts hating its not good fights wars and thats no good this episode is teaching us to be friends with eachother and NEVER be seperated as best friends for life! i love this episode and i think its the first one?? or the second....well all of you should watch it since its still pretty old but i think you'll still enjoy it! =]
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