Season 1 Episode 2

Five Spells Trouble

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • The girls try out their first spell, but as usual, it ends up backfiring and now they must fix all the trouble they caused.

    In this episode we meet the mysterious Obsidian and get some foreshadowing on events to come. By using their magic in unison, a technique known as the Power of Five, the girls may have accidently awoken a great evil that was sealed away long ago. Not only that, but they turned an innocent boy into a frozen statue. The girls must then travel to the Haunted Woods to undo the spell they caused. This episode was mostly for foreshadowing future events, such as Simon and Snarf, and to give us our first look at the mysterious Obsidian, a wise and powerful troll.